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  1. Ive itinerary for GIT n please quote us as itinerary n others requirement. We need the ground arrangement for entrepreneur package to find what their business need. N for FIT, some of entrepreneur like free n easy to fix their business need.

    Hope to hear from you very soon.

  2. I have an address that I need to verify

    Zhi Yong Chen

    Longxiang Cultural Promotion

    1st Floor, No. 45 – Guangfanglian

    Yuancun Yi Heng Rd/ Tianhe Dis

    Guangzhou City, China  510600

    • hi there, the address is exist,but I am not sure  the name of the shop or company  , because I  am not sure  chinese  character,  if you have a  phone number I would give him a call .

      Guangfanglian is a  “Creative Industry Park” some differet shop or company there, like photographic studio .


      I searh some pics in , click here

  3. Will You or can You please help me varifie that there is a legitamite company at 96 Chebei Road  Tianhe District  Guangzhou City   by the name of Wincy Travel Agent Company

    Thank You

  4. Hi.can you help me find school bag wholesale market in Guangzhou city?

    • hi there,
      I think you can find the SCHOOL BAG at the stationery wholesale markets , you can find the stationery wholesale markets at Yide Lu,
      and one of the big stationery wholesale markets at Huangsha , you can take metro Line 1 Huangsha and get off at Huangsha Metro station (chinese: 黄沙五湖四海批发市场 , Wu Hu Si Hai stationery wholesale markets ) you can print the chiense if you want to go there.

      I think you can find a lot of factory of School Bag at , you can find them on Internet, if some factory at GZ , you can visit them as well.

  5. Can you help me. Find kids shoes market
    Wholesale and retail in guangzhou city

  6. hye,im looking for hiking apparel Wholesale shop in guangzhou. Help me.

  7. Claus Moeller Rasmussen, Copenhagen, DK

    I am searching for Company in Huadu, that manufactures Bra’s & Undearwear
    The Company has over 1000 employees and the owners first name is
    YOUQIONG, she lives herself private in Huadu.
    The reason is that last week i had my business computer stolen from my car in Copenhagen
    and Huadu being in the Guangzhou area I hope that You might be able to come up with Company names that it COULD be in that area.

    Yours Kindly

    Claus Moeller Rasmussen

    • hi there
      I am not sure the “chinese name”,do you ever been to the company before? but I will try ,I have one friend live in Huadu,maybe she can help .it is bed time here,I will ask her tomorrow.

    • Sorry,my friends can not find the company ,most of time, we know the name of the company not know the name of the owener, so it is a bit difficult for me to find the company .

  8. Somchai Pongpaedpinij

    Your guidance website is useful to introduce GZ, but you should from time to time update the status, the changes, full details what you presented not only some information and the rest in which the readers must find out. If the information is full and complete, I guess it will be much helpful to travelers and impressed GZ!

  9. African acrobatic troupe

    Hello please we are African acrobatic troupe and we are seeking for job

  10. hi am from south Africa i would like to start a watch business in Johannesburg please advise if u know any company who manufacture watch

    thank you

  11. i want more info please

  12. Hello.

    We are preparing a presentation for our client in Canada. We would like to use a couple of your photographs in the presentation. The presentation will be seen all over North America and will be great marketing for Guangzhou.Do we have your permission to use them? Please reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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