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Old Villa-Style Houses in Dongshan

Generally ‘Dongshan (东山)’ is defined more as a geographic concept than an administrative region. Locals usually think of the area east to Dadao Lu (达道路), west to Dongshankou Metro Station, south to Xinhepu Lu (新河浦路) and north to Nonglin Dong Lu (农林东路). Lying just west of Guangzhou’s new downtown is Dongshan, one of a handful of little neighborhoods in the ... Read More »

Guangzhou Library

The Guangzhou Library, established by the Guangzhou Municipal Government (GMG), was created for the benefit of the public’s welfare, and to serve as a cultural and educational institution. The Library’s services are based on collecting, organizing, and housing all categories of written knowledge and information including paper-based materials, audio-visual materials, and digital materials. The library offers lending materials, reference and ... Read More »

Canton Customs Mansion

The Canton Customs Mansion is located at No.29 of Yanjiang Xi Road, Guangzhou. The Customs was established in the 24th year of the Kangxi Regin (1685), Being one of the first four customs of China. In the 10th year of Xianfeng’s Reign (1685), the Tariff Department was established at the present location, while the Canton Customs Mansion laid its foundation ... Read More »

Tips for Traveling in China

1. Once you buy it in China, it is yours. Like most foreign countries, make sure you are happy with the exact merchandise being sold to you. Inspect what you intend to buy, and not a sample with a “factory sealed” package to be delivered upon payment. 2. China has competitive and generally reliable electronics malls in the major cities. ... Read More »

Guangzhou to Hong Kong by train or bus ?

This depends on where you are staying in Hong Kong and where you are going in . Where are the hotels in Guangzhou and Hong Kong? How do you go to the airport? What about luggages? If you are near Guangzhou East Railway Station, take the Through Train to Hung Hom (or “downtown” Hong Kong, and transfer to MTR (HK ... Read More »

Can I book a train ticket from Hong Kong to Guangzhou online ?

Check the ticketing information on the website of the service provider of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Through train: http://www.it3.mtr.com.hk/b2c/frmIndex.asp?strLang=Eng From Guangzhou to  Hong Kong, you cannot book your ticket online , You need to buy at the Guangzhou East Railway Station or you can buy train tickets at your hotel concierge or travel agent office with a small fee is added ... Read More »

Hongkong International Airport to Guangzhou by Bus or Train?

While the train from Hung Hom Train Station to Guangzhou is the fastest option, generally, it is not the fastest option for you arrive at the HKIA and wants to go to Guangzhou directly. From HKIA to Guangzhou ,take a bus instead of a trains. Note that these buses have multiple drops off points in Guangzhou (e.g. universities, China hotels)It ... Read More »

Safety in Guangzhou ?

By Taxi at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Fear often comes from within. If one thinks something is dangerous, then the fear feeds and builds up. Don’t worry about traveling to Guangzhou. It is just like traveling to most parts in the world. Every year, thousands of foreign visitors visit Guangzhou or attend fairs in Guangzhou and go back to their ... Read More »

How to Exchange Currency in China

Exchanging currency in China is a very straightforward transaction. The Yuan, or Renminbi, is the currency for China. Renminbi translates as “The People’s Currency.” Exchange rates for Renminbi are established each day in China and should be displayed wherever currency is exchanged. The rate fluctuates from day to day so do not be surprised. Instructions 1 :  Go directly to ... Read More »