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  1. Hi
    Dear concern can you please help me to find the metal Keychains wholesale market in the Guangzhou and how about the metro route, timings

    Profound Regards
    Faisal Bin Bashir

  2. good evening.

    a) how do i get from the Guangzhou Baiyun international airport to Gongyuanqian station?

    b) from gongyuanqian station how do i get to Shenzhen Luohu Station?

    c) From Shenzhen Luohu station how do I get to Guangzhou Baiyun international airport?


    • a: Taxi or metro Line 2 or Line 1 , to Gongyuan Qian Metro Station ,you can take metro line 3 at airport then need to get off at Jiahewangjiang Metro ,change Line 2, the train just at the same platform . 

      b) taxi or metro to Guangzhou East Railway Station , then train to Shenzhen Luohu Station

      C) tran from Shenzhen luohu station to Guangzhou East Railway Station , then taxi or metro to Baiyun Airport, taxi fare about 120 Yuan 

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