Bai E Tan

Bai e Tan,Guangzhou Bart Street

The Fang Cun Bar Street, also called “Bai-e-tan” Street, is the city’s flashiest spot for nightlife recreation, spanning the riverside in Fangcun opposite the White Swan Hotel as part of one of the city’s key man-made landscapes.
There are a couple of big clubs, a number of smaller bars (all of which are pretty much the same), a couple of nice restaurants and a few seedy looking places that are probably best to stay away from. If nothing else takes your fancy, then try Amigo or the neighboring Key Club.
Amigo is one of the most popular pubs in Bai Er Tan Bar Street. It has a French pub on the first floor and a V-shaped restaurant on the second floor. Decorated by saddles, special pictures and transformative wine bottles, Amigo is reputed as the pub with best emotional appeal.

How to go to Bai E Tan Bar Street
Take the Exit to Luju Lu (Exit B) from Fangcun subway station. Follow Luju Lu to the end, where it meets the river. You’re at the bar street – it runs along the river both on your left and right. You can also catch a ferry across from Huangsha to here.

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