Canton Customs Mansion

Canton Customs Mansion

The Canton Customs Mansion is located at No.29 of Yanjiang Xi Road, Guangzhou. The Customs was established in the 24th year of the Kangxi Regin (1685), Being one of the first four customs of China. In the 10th year of Xianfeng’s Reign (1685), the Tariff Department was established at the present location, while the Canton Customs Mansion laid its foundation in the 3rd year of the Republic of China (1914). Designed by British archiect David Dick in the style of neo-classicism of Europe, and undertaken by the Huachang Engineering Company, the Canton Customs House finished construction in May, 1916. A photo of the mansion was sent for exhibition at the “American Architectural Technology Competition” in April, 1925.

Facing south, this mansion was a reinforced concrete, stone and brick structure occupying a construction area of 3,200 square meters. The four-storey high southeast façade of the mansion was masoned in granite. Both the inside layout and the overall structure of the building are very well-protected. Three Chinese characters,(Guangdong Customs), are inscribed on the archway.

On the roof of the façade is a four-side, doom-roofed bell tower, decorated by thirteen-meter high twin Tuscan columns at each of the four corners and huge clocks on each of the four sides, which are 2.5 meters in diameter. The bells tell time at 24 hours a day, which won the mansion the name of “Bell Tower” among the people of Guangzhou.

The Canton Customs Mansions was named Municipal and Provincial Cultural Relic Protection Units in August, 1993 and July, 2002 respectively by the Municipal Government of Guangzhou and the Provincial Government of Guangdong. On May 25, 2006, it was pronounced as a National Key Cultural Relic Protection Unit by the State Council, China’s cabinet. The Mansion is now the Guangzhou Branch of the China Customs Museum.
Address: No.29, West Yanjiang Road, Liwan District Post
Opening time: 9:30 am -04:00 pm (Only on Wednesday)
Ticket: free

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