Cantonese People

Cantonese people

The Cantonese people are Han people whose ancestral homes are in Guangdong, China. The term “Cantonese people” would then be synonymous with the Bun Dei (Jyutping: bun2 dei6) sub-ethnic group, and is sometimes known as Gwong Fu Jan (廣府人) for this narrower definition.
Some northerners say Cantonese seem to have a lack of the “fighting blood”, avoiding confrontations. They are also not as alcoholic as the people up north, preferring drinking tea instead.
They tend to be more concerned about privacy and respecting the personal being of each other in public, being less noisy or offensive. While they care little about other peoples’ “business”, they are ready to lend a hand when needed.
Cantonese tend to be more tolerant of, and adaptive to incoming migrants and other cultures. The galaxy of restaurants offering a wide range of overseas and Chinese cuisines popular with locals, and the increasing population of immigrants in Tianhe is evidence of this welcoming attitude.
Many Cantonese females, short and slim, are housewife-minded, making nice soup, the main part of Guangdong Cuisine, and other homey delicacies for their families. They believe that a good soup will keep their husbands’ hearts at home. It works. They also prefer lighter makeup (partly due to the humid and hot subtropical climate) and take fewer efforts with dress than their couture-obsessed Shanghaiese peers and relatively heavy-makeup northern counterparts.

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