Mango(Chinese Mango)

Guangzhou Mango

Mango is a tropical fruit consisting of many genera. It has gotten the reputation of “The King of Tropical Fruits”. It is indigenous in East Asia, Burma and Assam. Mango tree belongs to the family of evergreen arbor. It is a kind of ideal decoration tree. In Guangzhou there are a lot of mango trees planted by street sides. Guangzhou is a very important area in China of producing mango. Species of mango can be divided into Zi Hua Mang, Gui Xiang Mang, Chuan Mang, Lu Pi Mang, and Tu Mang, etc. Besides, the specie of “Xua Mao Xiang Mang” panted in Shi Jing Town of Bai Yun District is the most famous one. The really Xia Mao Xiang Mang is very rare. It is said that there is only several real Xia Mao Xiang Mang trees in Guangzhou with a few of output.

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