Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou

Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou

Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou in Chinese is “Guangzhou Cai Ci” and called “Guang Cai” for short. It is colored drawing in all kinds of white potteries and then fired into craftworks full of oriental features. Cuang Cai usually adopted Chinese brocade design is famous for flowery colors and is a unique genus of Chinese colored glazed pottery.
Zhi Jin Cai Ci is a noblest pottery. It is colored drawing golden pictures in white potteries and bake over a slow fire (fired in low temperature). Enamel potteries are the products in initial stages of Guang Cai. They featuring dignity and colourful was listed as the tributes for Qing Dynasty. Besides, some royal and noble from other countries sent officers to purchase these products specially.
Afterward colored glazed potteries were important export articles.
Guang Cai started from Ming Dynasty with tri-colored features. It developed into five colors till Qing Dynasty and began to form into unique art style. Gaung Cai has a history of more than 300 years. Above 20 colors are used in Guangzhou colored glazed potteries. The making of Guang Cai has seven procedures. Guang Cai products can de divided into display art potteries, general use and enjoy potteries and craftwork potteries. Colored glazed potteries of Guangzhou inherited Chinese traditional art style as well as absorbed European and America art soul is the crystal of Chinese culture and western culture. The selling of Guang Cai has already extent all over five continents and more than 100 countries and areas.

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