Conghua District

The Conghua County-Level City (hereafter referred to as Conghua) is located on the north-east of Guangzhou, the transition zone from the Pearl River Delta to the northern mountain areas of Guangdong Province.It covers an area of 1984 square kilometers with a population of 600,000. In terms of the comprehensive power, it takes the lead among the fifty-seven counties and cities in Guangdong Province, with overall GDP RMB10.369 billion, GDP USD2,360 per person, general industrial and agricultural production value of RMB27.5 billions, and 1 billion revenue.
The cultural relics unearthed here can run back to the New Stone Age, about 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. Conghua was under the jurisdiction of the ancient Guangzhou Prefecture when it was established 500 years ago.
There are over 10 cultural and tourism spots in Conghua, featuring mountains, water, forests, fruit, springs and lakes. The seven scenic spots of Guangyu Ancestral Hall, Wuyue Palace and others are listed as provincial level or Guangzhou municipal level major sites to be protected. Conghua Spring, the famed “Lingnan No. 1 Spring”, is a world famous spring of saleratus and radon. And the Liuxihe National Forest Park is called “Second Lushan Mountain”.
The favorable physiognomy and soil texture of Conghua are suitable for the growth of crops including lychee, longan, vegetables, and flowers, which makes Conghua the hometown of lychee.

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