Five Goats of Guangzhou

Guangzhou is situated in the south of the China’s Mainland, in the north of the Pearl River Delta, the confluence of Dongjiang (East River), Xijiang(West River), Beijiang(North River), verging on South China Sea with Beiyun Mountain at the back. It is warm with flourishing blossoms all year round. Guangzhou is an ancient city in China and a historic cultural metropolitan at the national level. Guangzhou is also called City of Ram, which has its origin from the enchanting populous myth that goes like “five goatsflying down to Chuting, with rice ears in their mouths”.
It has it that in the Zhou Dynasty (1066-256B.C.), there had been a famine for years. The fields ran deserted and people were starving. One day from the heaven wafted some beautiful music in the company of five colorful clouds, in which sat five immortals dressed in colorful gowns, riding on goats with wool of various colors and rice stalks in their mouths. They came down on Guangzhou. The immortals gave the ears to the local people, and prayed for a land free from famine.Finishing their prayer, they rose up and disappeared in the sky. The five goats remained on the hillside and transfigured into stone goats. Ever since then, Guangzhou was bestowed with bumper harvest of grain every year. The area has become the richest place in this part of South China. The legend has it that the Five Immortals Temple was where the five immortals flew down. Guangzhou people built specially a temple to their memory. In the Grand Hall there are statues of the Celestial Beings and the Goats.
On the slope Mukegang there are stone statues of the Five goats built in 1959. These were created by the well-known sculptors Yin Jichang and his associates according to legend of the Five Rams.

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