Guangdong Embroidery

Guangdong Embroidery
Yue Embroidery
Chinese Embroidery

Guangdong (Guang) Embroidery also named “Yue Embroidery”. Yue Embroidery is one the famous four Chinese embroideries- Su Embroidery, Xiang Embroidery, Yue Embroidery and Shu Embroidery. Yue Embroidery is a general designation of folk embroidery of Guangzhou and its nearby areas such as Nan Hai, Panyu, Shun De and so on. Yue embroidery has a manufacture history of about 2000 years
Guang Embroidery began to shine on world stage, winning its international fame 500 years ago featuring full composition, luxuriant patterns, grant scenes as well as rich and strong contrasting colors .Guang Embroidery, a marvelous flower on the brocade of Cantonese folk arts, was among China’s first batch of intangible cultural heritage.

Embroidery belongs to one of China’s exquisite traditional craftworks and enjoys a history of more than 2000 years. Embroidery made in the Pearl River Delta around Guangzhou in south China is called Guang (Guangdong) embroidery, which could date back to 805 of the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
Yue (a short name of Guangdong) Embroidery in Guangdong consists of two branches including Guang (Cantonese) style and Chao(zhou) style.
The four renowned embroideries in China are Yue embroidery from Guangdong province, Xiang embroidery from Hunan, Shu embroidery from Sichuan and Su embroidery from Jiangsu.
During the boom of Guang Embroidery in the late Ming Dynasty to mid Qing Dynasty (about 1600-1800 A.D.), many merchants from Britain came to these coastal cities in China for business, bringing their own samples for processing.

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