Guangzhou Climate

Guangzhou is located just south of the Tropic of Cancer; Guangzhou has a humid subtropical climate influenced by the Asian monsoon. Summers are wet with high temperatures, high humidity and a high heat index. Winters are mild and comparatively dry. Guangzhou has a lengthy monsoon season, spanning from April through September. Monthly averages range from 13.6 °C (56.5 °F) in January to 28.6 °C (83.5 °F) in July, while the annual average temperature in Guangzhou is 22.6 °C (72.7 °F) the relative humidity is approximately 68%, whereas annual rainfall in the metropolitan area is over 1,700 mm (67 in). Extreme temperatures have ranged from 0 °C (32 °F) to 39.1 °C (102 °F).[30] The last recorded snowfall in the city was in January 1893.
The spring (March to May) is a rainy season, while the high rainfall period is during May and June. You’d better take your sweater and light clothes at this season. The spring China Import and Export Fair is held in April. The summer (May to September) in Guangzhou is relatively long, with the hottest temperature in July and August. There will be occasional typhoons and afternoon thunderstorms are frequent, so it is strongly recommended to always carry an umbrella with you. Water sport is the first choice at this season. You can not only relieve the summer heat, but also enjoy the ease and excitement of the water activities.
Guangzhou has lengthy summers that last for more than five months, usually from late May until early November. However, in recent years, many people have been seen wearing shorts even in December.
The hottest months are July, August and September, when temperatures range from about 25 – 36°C. High humidity adds to the discomfort, and air-conditioning is essential for a good night’s sleep on sweltering nights. Also, strong convective showers or thunderstorms lasting an hour or two are common during the summer, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you at all times…even on sunny afternoons.
Autumn is arguably Guangzhou’s best season, but only lasts from November to mid-December, when conditions are dry, clear and pleasantly cool.
Winter in Guangzhou normally lasts from late December until mid-February, when it can get quite cold, but due to the city’s low latitude, it seldom snows. The rainfall and high humidity, combined with an average temperature of 15 – 2 °C, create a “damp cold” which is said to “sneak” through your clothes and chill your body. In some ways it is less comfortable than the “dry cold” of North China, even though temperatures get much lower there.
Another good thing about winter is the Official Flower of Guangzhou, the Kapok, comes into bloom all over the city, when fiery red blossoms erupt from hard leafless twigs, boosting the spirit of the people in the midst of the winter gloom.
Chinese locals often dress fairly informally. A simple suit or day dress is appropriate for all official visits, meetings and dinners, and in hot weather a short sleeved shirt with no jacket is perfectly acceptable business attire. Trousers are also perfectly acceptable for women. Generally there aren’t any rules about leisure wear, with almost anything being acceptable. However, for foreigners, the more extravagant your outfit the more attention you might attract. Low cut and sleeveless tops, while not objectionable, might prove to be a point of fascination.
The best time to visit Guangzhou is autumn and winter, from October till February of the next year.

Guangzhou weather annual record

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip
January 18.0° C 10.0° C 4.32 cm
February 18.0° C 11.0° C 6.60 cm
March 22.0° C 15.0° C 8.64 cm
April 26.0° C 19.0° C 18.29 cm
May 29.0° C 23.0° C 16.22 cm
June 31.0° C 25.0° C 20.99 cm
July 33.0° C 25.0° C 22.86 cm
August 33.0° C 25.0° C 22.10 cm
September 31.0° C 24.0° C 17.27 cm
October 29.0° C 21.0° C 7.87 cm
November 24.0° C 16.0° C 4.32 cm
December 21.0° C 11.0° C 2.29 cm

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