Guangzhou Flower Fair

Flower Fair (花市) is a traditional cultural activity unique to people in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival. It usually starts several days before the Spring Festival till the midnight of the New Year’s Eve.

The origin of flower fairs can be traced back 500 years. From then on, flower fairs were held in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival every year. There is an old saying there, “No flower fairs, no Spring Festival.” (无花街,不过春)

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The Flower Fair has been regularly held since 1920 and the size has been growing ever since. It is now split into eight sections with the largest being located on Xihu and jiaoyu Road in Yuexiu District, Liwan North Road in Liwan District, and on Jiangnan West Road in the Haizhu Area. During the festival, all of Guangzhou is decorated with flowers, many crafted into miniature landscapes.

During the fair, most families will buy miniature tangerine trees for their homes. In Chinese culture, the tangerine symbolizes good luck and wealth, so the trees are placed in the home for Spring Festival. Also during the Flower fair, traditional Chinese performances are held, as well as painting and calligraphy demonstrations.

The fair is held at the selected streets of each district. The streets will then be restricted for pedestrians only. There is a huge arch with colorful decors at the entrance representing the animal of the year or the characteristics of the district.

One of the biggest flower fair at Xihulu , it is convenient to get there when you get a metro , get off at Gongyuanqian Metro Station ,Exit C


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