Guangzhou Jade Carving

Guangzhou Jade

Cantonese thinks that jade like ivory is auspicious and lucky and could guard against evil and avoid disasters, so they love jade very much and consider jade a dear to their heart. Most men and women of Guangzhou are wearing jade carving pendants round their neck, with jade rings on their fingers or jade bangles round their arms.
Jade Carving skill came into being in mid and later period of Tang Dynasty with more than 1000 years history. Jade Carvings mainly compose of jade ornaments and jade furnishings. Guangzhou people like jade articles very much and they believe jade articles are auspicious matters and also treat them as treasure. They also believe that jade can prevent people from disaster and illness. The jade article industry and selling were numerous in Qing Dynasty. Jade ornaments are made by rare emerald jade from Burma. Jade carving furnishings are characters, flowers, birds, bottles, jade balls, pagodas, stoves and so on. Especially the jade balls are very unique. Small balls inside big balls and each of them can run freely. Besides, these balls are carved with mountains, water, flowers, human beings, fishes and birds, etc. They jade ball carving is now having 20 layers (20 balls inside balls).
Absorbing the jade carving techniques from other places, learning much from them in combination with its own techniques, Jade carving artists of Guangzhou created their unique style in kinds, crafts and materials. The raw materials of Jade carving of Guangzhou were selected from the “South Jade” from Xinyi, at the west of Guangdong, with the colour of olive drab, translucent, rich of natural stripes and figures.

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