Guangzhou Kapok

Guangzhou kapot

Kapok is a kind of tropical tree found across Guangzhou and known to Chinese people as “Cotton Tree” (Mumian). People in Guangzhou have long grown Kapok trees, using its cotton to make clothes and its flowers as medicine. Cantonese consider they have a strong spirit which pushes it to grow high into the sunlight. In 1982, Kapok flowers were chosen to become the official flower of Guangzhou.
A large number of Kapok trees can be found along Lingyuan Xi Lu in Yuexiu District and Jiangnan Dadao in Haizhu District, while Kapoks in other area constitute a picturesque view, such as the old Kapok Sun Yet-san Merorial Hall and the hero trees on Yuexiu Mountain and on Yingxiong Square, etc.
In March, kapok flowers are in full bloom across the city and can easily be admired in Yuexiu Park, Martyrs’ Park, Tianhe Park, and along many main avenues. The oldest kapok tree is 320 years old and is located near the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

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