Guangzhou Nansha District

Guangzhou Nansha development zone is located in the southeastern of Guangzhou, and the West Bank of Lingding Ocean with the planning area of 544 square kilometers, of which land area of 338 square kilometers. Her terrain is like a stretch of the plantain leaf lying in mouth of the Pearl River to the sea. Her geographical location is in the Pearl River Delta geometric centre and the entire Pearl River Delta city groups have be included in the scope of a radius of 100 km centered by Nansha. Nansha by ship is 38 sea miles away from Hong Kong, 41 sea miles from Macao. It is close to five major international airports including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao. Nansha backs 40 million population of the vast hinterland market in the Pearl River Delta, and through Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and other major cities linked to the market at home and abroad. It has prominent strategic location and strong market potential and radiation. Nansha has Initially formed the eight industrial bases such as, vehicle, steel, shipbuilding, machinery and equipment, petrochemical, high-tech, modern service industry and port logistics, which are of great significance for the promotion of South Extension of Guangzhou City, upgrading the status of Guangzhou City, as regional central cities.
As a regional water and land transportation hub, Nansha has the convenient transportation.
To ensure the efficient and fast links between the Nansha development zone, Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta, a comprehensive transportation system will be built, which based on the high and fast roads and supported by rails, subways and shipping in Nansha.
High and fast road: three major external land transportation passages have been constructed in the Nansha development zone in Guangzhou: the South China Expressway in Guangzhou – Yingbin Road – Nansha Avenue; Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway – Humen Bridge – Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway; the 65-km south Rapid Road from Nansha Port to Luntou. With the construction of the “five vertical five horizontal” rapid roads, the local road networks are linked to the road networks in the Pearl River Delta in Nansha, thus establishing Nansha’s strategic position as a transportation hub which connected the cross-strait areas in the Pearl River with the Pearl River Delta. The new planned Beijing-Guangzhou Railway will get into the Longxue Island, Nansha Port in Guangzhou Port and Nansha petrochemical, iron and steel base through Wanqingsha Town.
Subway: Line 4 of Guangzhou Rail Transit which stretches from the Guangzhou University Town to the passenger transportation port in Nansha has been opened to the Jinzhou Station in Nansha in June 2007 so that it can spend just 40 minutes from Nansha to the downtown Guangzhou.

Located in an important position in the mouth of the Pearl River, Nansha is the only channel to the ocean for Guangzhou, so it has advantages on water transportation.
At present, the deep-water port in Nansha has begun to take shape and covered such freight routes of the major global trade zone as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australia. The Phase III project in Nansha Port will have a new layout which relies on the major international ports and possesses the advanced and modernized facing-shore industrial areas after the completion.
There are 12 passenger ships from Nansha to Hong Kong in Nansha Port for passenger transportation every day.


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