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guangzhou TV tower


The Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower consists of 37 floor of programme including exhibition spaces, a conference centre, a cinema, several restaurants, cafes and observation decks. A deck at the base of the tower hides the giant building′s functional workings.
Base zone
All infrastructural connections; metro and bus stations, and a pedestrian link to the northern embankment of the river, are met underground. This level supports other facilities as well, including a museum, a food court, extensive commercial space, a 600-vehicle parking area for cars and tourist coaches. The entrance operates on two levels, one a continuation of the landscape above ground, the other connected to the mass-transit and underground-parking facilities. Slow-speed panoramic and enclosed high-speed double-decker lifts serve both entrance levels.
Middle zone
The intermediate zone form +80m up to +170m consist of facilities like a 4D cinema, a play-hall area, restaurants, coffee shops and outdoor gardens with teahouses.
Top zone
The top zone of the building begins above the stairway, housing various technical functions as well as a two-storey rotating restaurant, a damper and the upper observation levels. From the upper observation levels it is possible to ascend even higher, via a further set of the stairs, to a terraced observation square rising above the tower′s top ring, high above the booming city of Guangzhou
The Tower contains several types of restaurants, coffee and thee-houses.
On the levels +428 and +417.6 there are two circular rotating restaurants with incredible views over the city below. Soups can unfortunately not be served since the natural way of the building could reach in windy circumstances up to 1.5 meters in either direction, leaving not much soup in you plate for you to eat.
The VIP restaurant at level +407.2m consists of several private rooms that can be rented for a particular period of time.
Capacity 10 rooms: 200 people.
Cafe-type food courts exists on levels +162.8 and +152.4.
Observation Boxes
There are viewing decks throughout the tower; some of them are designed as outdoor gardens, like the one at +32.8 and + 116m. Others are indoor, like the observation levels at +168m and +459.2 and +454m.
The indoor decks have attached to them fully glazed triangular boxes that protrude several meters out of the building.
These give visitors the possibility to step out off the building and have a unobstructed panoramic view of the city surrounding it. These boxes have a glazed floor making the experience of stepping out of the building extra exciting while looking to the ground below
The top deck at +460 m is designed as a sloping elliptical square of 54 by 42 meter, where one can sit down and enjoy the panoramic view. Here one can feel the effects of the super-high rise physically. One can feel the reduced temperature, see far on clear days, taste the clouds on a cloudy day, and possible feel the structure sway in the wind.
The top is shaved off diagonally, not toward the N-S central axis, but instead N-W towards the old city center, so that while sitting there one can oversee both new and old, and so the tower ′s form becomes an instrument symbolically bridging between the old and the new.
Spatially the tower reads like a series of mini-buildings hung within the super-structure, with ′mega spaces ′ in between These mega-spaces in between the mini-buildings are in fact floating gardens each varying in atmosphere; transparent, light and open at the base, and more closed and shaded at the waist of the tower.
Between level +170 meter and level +350 meter an open air staircase will lead the public all the way up through the narrow waist of the building. Here visitors can investigate the structure from close by while they are given a physical experience of the size of the tower.

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