Huangpu District

 Huangpu  — Not well known among foreign tourists, this district is to the east of the city center. It is one of the ten districts in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, People’s Republic of China.
  Huangpu is 15 kilometers away from the old downtown of Guangzhou;148 kilometers to its east is Shenzhen and to its south is the Zhujiang River. It is 80 nautical miles apart from Hongkong .It covers the areas from east to west 17.4 kilometers and from south to north 13.5 kilometers. The total area of the district is 119.42 square kilometers Highlights include the former  Huangpu Military Academy.
  Huangpu was also the dock area and waterfront for many European cargo vessels trading with China in the 18th century, such as those associated with the Maritime Fur Trade and Old China the largest one in southern China. Mainly for shipment, only one liner for passengers, to Haikou, the Hainan Island.
 Guangzhou Port used to be known as Huangpu Port, was one of the bases of Chinese Marine. And also where the Huangpu Military Scholl locates.Container generating amount of Guangdong  Province accounts for 70% of China’s, but the container company of Port Guangzhou has 6 container berths of 35,000T each.Sui-HK passenger terminal is located at the Guangzhou Economic and Technologic Development Zone. It takes only one hour and fifty minutes for a passenger hovercraft from Hong Kong to the Development Zone.
  Huangpu district is one of the developed, and developing, industrial districts in Guangzhou. As such, this district has many factories and wharves. It also has some hotels mainly frequented by business people. These hotels are particularly busy during the Canton Fair.

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