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Lecong is situated in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, the northwestward of Shunde and the south of the central urban area of Foshan. There are less than 30 kilometers from Lecong to Guangzhou and only over 100 kilometers to Hong Kong and Macao. The National Highway 325 runs through from the south to the north. There are two main rivers, namely, Dongping and Shunde watercourses run through the town. With convenient land and water traffic, its geographic position is ascendant. Covering an area of 78 square kilometers, Lecong town has more than 90,000 permanent populations and about 100,000 floating populations, as well as over 60,000 local people living in Hong Kong, Macao and all places outside China, it’s one of famous hometowns of overseas Chinese in Guangdong Province.
Lecong has bright feature in its economy with flourishing commerce and logistics. With nice investment climate, logical policies, perfect investment service and completed infrastructure, such as custom, dock, as well as simple and convenient procedures for imports and exports, which make Ledong become one of the best places where traders from home and abroad choose for investing and opening business.
In Lecong, three big specialized markets, namely, the furniture market, the steel market and the plastic market are famous all over the world. There are 3,450 furniture businesses from home and abroad in the furniture market, covering a total area of 3 million square meters, it is the largest one in scale in the world and affects the world furniture trade far and wide. Lecong was awarded as “China Furniture Business & Trading Capital” by the national industrial authoritative organization concerned.

Lecong is also the biggest distributing center of steel trading in the entire country, it has more than 1,190 steel trading enterprises, and the steel market covers an area of over 1.8 million square meters, its annual steel trading amounts to more than 10,000,000 tons, the net of marketing expands to all over the country. It’s famous for its large-scale production, complete varieties, extensive clients and high-class services.
Lecong Plastic Market has more than 500 stores with a total area of over 500,000 square meters. The annual gross plastic trading is more than 1,000,000 tons, which gets the title among the same kind of specialized markets in the entire country.
In addition, automobile, real estate, woodworking and piece goods markets are developing rapidly in Lecong, especially, the real estate market, led by the leading enterprise Foshan Aoyuan, becomes a new light spot for Lecong’s economy and urbanization.
Along with the development of commerce and trading, Lecong’s industry is circulating in a good way and growing effectively. Print, furniture manufacturing, steel logistics and auto fittings industries develop in short order. Lecong has set up the biggest beer pasters productive base in China, and has the biggest nicotian packing and filter-paper manufacturing base in Guangdong.
In 2005, Lecong’s GDP value achieved 5.86 billion Yuan, industrial output value amounted to 7.06 billion Yuan, including 6.54 billion Yuan of industrial output value and 519,000,000 Yuan of agricultural output value. The total commercial sales value reached 3.1 billion Yuan, and the taxes value amounted to 969 million Yuan. The total bank deposit reached 16.55 billion Yuan and local government disposable revenue was 400 million Yuan.
Lecong people have also been working hard for accelerating the harmonious development in the whole town. The urban infrastructure construction has achieved great progress. So far, 26 parks have been set up with more than 3 million square meters of the total area of the green belt in the whole town. The people’s living environment and living standards have been improved greatly, and the construction of spiritual aspect of civilization has achieved great effect, sanitation, education, culture and sports are developing vigorously. In 2002, Lecong passed the inspection and became the first “Provincial Clean Town” in Shunde. Lecong also passed the inspection of “Education Town” of Guangdong Province and it was awarded the reputation of “Civilized Town of Guangdong” in 2003. Lecong passed the inspection and approval of “National Clean Town” in 2004.

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