Mammamia–One of the best italian restaurant in Guangzhou


Mammamia used to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, although it has now been somewhat eclipsed by a new wave of Italian restaurants. It boasts a real Italian chef (Rocco Nikolay), and a lot of high quality Italian good.

The pricing here is about 10% higher than similar restaurants in Guangzhou. Although the price is higher the quality is ranks higher too. Here you get approximately 80% of the ingredients and seasonings just transported from Italy, even the rice!

Spacious inside you’ll find the decoration to be warm and lovely. All the waiters speak Italian and the friendly Italian chefs will come out to chat with you. These chefs are also first class in giving personal recommendations off the menu at your side.

Address: Guangdong, Guangzhou, 196 Linhe Xilu, Tianhe District
Address(Chinese) :广州市天河区林和西路196号日航酒店,

Pricing Category: Low-Medium (100→250Y)

Payment: Cash&all cards
Hours: 07:00am-01:00am
Booking no: (020)87013423/87013425

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