New Metro Lines Opening in Guangzhou


The map of Guangzhou Metro line 2, 4 and 8 (Guangzhou Daily)
The Guangzhou Metro Company announced they will gradually be opening 3 new metro lines and 3 extension lines before the Asian Games commence. Trains shall begin operating on September 25th on the new Line 2 between South Guangzhou Railway Station (广州南站) and Jiahe Wanggang (嘉禾望岗) , Line 8 between Wanshengwei (万胜围) and Changgang (昌岗), and Line 4 between Chebeinan (车陂南) and Huangcun (黄村).
Line 2 shall be closed during Mid-Autumn Festival (Sep. 22nd to 24th) so as to perform the changes required to the tracks and systems. During this period, temporary buses will be set-up along the metro line’s route.
Meanwhile, the 1st phase of line 8 will become a main line crossing Haizhu district from east to west and traversing residential areas in the old city and according to official estimates, the passenger volume during the Asian Game will reach 4.5 million person-times.
The changes to Line 2 are expected to be long and complicated. Numerous system upgrades and track alterations shall be undertaken, explaining why the line needs to be closed for three days.
Details of the two temporary bus routes:
1. From Wanshengwei Huangpu Technical School Station (6:00~23:00) to Kecun Zhuying Station (6:30 to 23:30)
2. From Chigang Station to Sanyuanli Station (6:10~23:00)
(By Pang Yue, David Keyton)

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