Tianhe District

tianhe district

Tianhe District is one of the ten districts in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China. In Chinese, the name Tianhe means a river in the sky. It is bordered by Yuexiu District on the west, Baiyun District on the north and Huangpu District on the east. Haizhu District is on its south, though they are separated by the Zhujiang River.
Newly developed in the past 15 years, the Tian He District could easily be called Guangzhou’s Silicon Valley. The GangDing ( Mall of Computer)region is definitely making a name for itself as a producer of computer products and businesses, similar to the reputation enjoyed by the Zhong Guan Cun District in Beijing. Pacific Electronic Technology Square (The), New Concept Computer Town and NanFang ComputerCity all have their roots in this district. Together, they create South Chinas biggest computer market. Tian He City Plaza, Hong Cheng Plaza and Guangzhou Books Center are visibly enjoying a growing popularity in trade, as more visitors flock to sample the latest in shopping, food and entertainment. Many local youngsters head here for whats cool and new in computer games. The older generations, on the other hand, prefer quieter times, strolling through the citys parks and viewing the street-side flower displays. Some of the more well known shopping centers currently include Teem Plaza (TeeMall), Tianhe Shopping Center and the brand new Grandview Mall, which opened in 2005… Shown in this pic from the GZ metro map, Ti Yu Zhong Xin station, one of the most convenient to Tianhe District, along with the Tiyu Xilu station…
The building of Guangzhou East Railroad Station in 1990 further contributed to the growth of the district. The old Guangzhou Railroad Station is 10 km to the west and was the terminus for trains from and to Beijing and Hong Kong. To relieve the traffic, the East Railroad Station was built and it is now the terminus for trains from and to Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
As the district developed, the size of xiaoqu became smaller since land became more valuable and expensive. Most of the new xiaoqu now only consist of four to six residential buildings but each can contain 30 floors or more since the growth of district attracted big developers where the cost of construction (such as elevators) was no longer the issue. Also, taller residential buildings gave rise to taller office buildings.

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