Can I book a train ticket from Hong Kong to Guangzhou online ?

Check the ticketing information on the website of the service provider of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Through train:

From Guangzhou to  Hong Kong, you cannot book your ticket online , You need to buy at the Guangzhou East Railway Station or you can buy train tickets at your hotel concierge or travel agent office with a small fee is added

You can book train tickets online for trains within mainland (eg: train  from Guangzhou east Railway Station to Luowu, Shenzhen or  Guangzhou south Railway Station  to Shenzhen North Station ), China by using search form above, or click China Highlights Train Booking

If you want to book trains to Hong Kong (eg: train from Guangzhou East to Hung Hom, HK), you can only use this enquiry form to ask our trip advisors to book it for you.

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  1. i want buy hsk book in guanzhou whate can buy

  2. I am a citizen of bangladesh.I have a china tourist can possible will I to go to visit hong kong form china?

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