Hongkong International Airport to Guangzhou by Bus or Train?

While the train from Hung Hom Train Station to Guangzhou is the fastest option, generally, it is not the fastest option for you arrive at the HKIA and wants to go to Guangzhou directly.
From HKIA to Guangzhou ,take a bus instead of a trains. Note that these buses have multiple drops off points in Guangzhou (e.g. universities, China hotels)It is about 2.5-3 hours from HKIA to Guangzhou.

1) By bus: Bus tickets to Guangzhou can be purchased when you arrive at HKIA. It cost about HKD $250 from the Hong Kong airport to Guangzhou. Once you exit HKIA customs, bus counter is right in front of you. Buy ticket, wait 5-10 minutes,and an agent will lead passengers to bus to board. The bus will take you to the border check at Shenzhen Bay. From there you get off the bus with your luggage. And get back on another bus on the other side. You’ll wear a sticker; agents will direct you to the right bus. The next stop is downtown Guangzhou. Typically, the bus will go to 3 different drop off points depending on the schedule. (More information about How to  take a bus from Hong Kong airport to Guangzhou  )

Hongkong airport to Guangzhou

2) Taking trains: it requires a few transfers because the Airport Express train doesn’t go to Hung Hom Station where the Through Train from Hung Hom (Kowloon) departs for Guangzhou. You need to take the AE train to Tsing Yi, then transfer to Tung Chung Line to go to Nam Cheong, then transfer to West Rail Line to go to Hung Hom. (Hong Kong Metro Map : http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/jp/index.php) Also the A21 Citybus takes you directly from the Airport Ground Transportation Centre to the railway station in Hunghom , which is the last stop of the route, and take about 1 hour. The ticket price is 33hk$. (http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/transport/to-from-airport/bus_from_hkia.html)

A21 Citybus From HongKong Airport to Hung Hom Train Station

From Hung Hom Train Station you need to go up to the ticket counter to buy tickets for the Through Train (if they are still available). You may not get seats for the next departure as they are in high demand. In any event you would need to wait for the next schedule Through Train . They run about one every hour or so. You go through immigration check at both ends, but do no stop at the actual Hong Kong / China border. The ride takes less than of 2 hours. In total, it would take you probably 4 hours from Hong Kong International Airport to Guangzhou.

The last train departs from Hung Hom at 20:01 . If you miss the last train, take a metro to Luowu from Hung Hom Station(Lo Wu Control Point is an immigration control point of Hong Kong located in Lo Wu, North District, within the Closed Area along the border with mainland China. Its counterpart across the border is the Luowu Port, located within the Luohu District of Shenzhen in mainland China).It is about 45 minutes. After clearing customs and immigration , you can take a train from Luo Wu to Guangzhou there are many trains from Luowu to Guangzhou . (Economic route: Take No A43 Bus from HIKA to Sheung Shui; price is 30.9 HK$ and takes about 75 minutes(last bus at 9:30 pm). Take metro from Sheung Shui to Luo Wu,1 stop , price is 23.5 HK $,and takes about 7 minutes. Take a train from Lowu to Gaungzhou East Railway Station; price is 75 Yuan , and takes about 75 minutes, but there may be a delay waiting at the Lu Wu Control Point )
Hong Kong Metro Map

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  1. On 11 March I will arrive HK about 6pm, do you have any bus go to Guangzhou? Best stop for me is Lidu 丽都
    Hotel in Beijing Rd.

    • You can take a bus from HK airport to the Landmark Canton Hotel , then walking from Landmark canton hotel to Lidu HOtel or Beijing Lu, maybe you can take a taxi from Landmark canton hotel to Lido hotel ,becuase at night time,itis not easy for you to find the hotel there.

  2. I arrive 22.10 om at Kong Kong Airport today saturday the 22/4
    Will i be alle to take a bus to Guangzhou that late ?
    I am Staying at Varperse hotel

    • Hello there
      The last bus at 22:15 from HK AIRPORT to GZ, so maybe it is impossible for you to take a bus from HK AIRPORT to GZ
      So maybe you stay one night at HK then take a train or bus from HK to GZ on next morning.
      Maybe you can take NO A43 BUS to Sheung Shui Square Bus Station ,Then take a metro from Sheung SHui to Luohu , then find a hotel close to Luohu,Shenhen , then take a train in the early morning to GZ East Railway Station .

  3. if i take bus from Hkia to guangzhou is there need booking ticket first or just pay at counter check in

  4. This was really helpful ,thanks man .

  5. Good Afternoon Sir,

    I'll arrive in Hong Kong @ 13.40pm, going to Guangzhou., will be staying at an Apt at 70 Zhongshan 5th Road, Yuexiu District, Beijing Road.  Kindly advise how to get there from Hong Kong Airport?

    Thank you!



  6. How long is the trip by bus from Guangzhou to Hong Kong airport?


    • About 3.5 hours from GZ to Hong Kong International Airport 

      2 hours to Shenhen Bay , 30 minutes at border ,immigration,  1 hour from Shenzhen Bay to HKIA

  7. Hey Victor.

    First very lovely of you helping everyone. Good job.

    We are group of five adults travelling from Fiji to Hong Kong. We will arrive HKIA by 3:00pm. From HKIA  we want to travel to Guangzhou. We will be staying in Rosedale Hotels & Suites. Please advise where we can buy tickets to travel to Guangzhou by bus. We also will have to apply for China Visa since its Visa on Arrival for Fijians. Where we can apply for visa? Any bus that directly goes to Rosedale Hotels & suites from Shenzhen Bay.

    • You can buy bus ticket at HKIA

      YOU NEED TO APPLY your visa at your country

      maybe you are free visa to Hk ,but you need to visa to Mainland of China.

      the bus to Guangzhou , yes, there have bus direct to Rosedale Hotels from HKIA,you need to ask 

  8. We Are arriving at 22 00pm, at hong kong airport, will we find a bus to Guangzhou at that time?

    • I am afraid no,becuase you arrive at HK airport at 22:00, then you need to waitting the luggage , maybe you need to 22:40 too late for you . The last CTS bus at HK airport to Guangzhou at 22:00.

  9. Hi, Is there a bus from HKIA to 广州珀丽酒店? Which bus counter should I go and how much is the fare?

  10. Hi, because of coronavirus and the borders closing how to get to Guangzhou from the airport without taking a plane

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