How to Exchange Currency in China

exchange money in Guangzhou
Exchanging currency in China is a very straightforward transaction. The Yuan, or Renminbi, is the currency for China. Renminbi translates as “The People’s Currency.” Exchange rates for Renminbi are established each day in China and should be displayed wherever currency is exchanged. The rate fluctuates from day to day so do not be surprised.


1 :  Go directly to the bank at the international airport before departure(Guangzhou Baiyun Airport). This may allow visitors to leave the airport in China quicker, but the exchange rates may not be as favorable as it would be in China.

2:  Convert to Renminbi after arriving. The four banks with currency exchanges at major international airports in China are Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, and the Construction Bank of China. These national banks all have branches in the major international arrival airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

3:  Have passport in hand when converting currency in China. The official currency exchange form in China requires the teller to see visitor’s passports and record the identification number. Some banks may make a photo copy of the passport as well. Fill in the currency exchange sheet, place it, the passport and dollars in the teller window and wait.

4:  Wait until arriving at the hotel to convert large sums. Most three star or better hotels have a currency exchange counter. The taxi driver from the airport will expect payment, and the counter may not be open all day, so ask upon arrival.

5:  Go to a bank. There are banks all over China open seven days a week, except for major holidays. Some are very small branch offices with limited services and others are impressive edifices. Many banks have a system for taking a number, and display the numbers above the teller windows. There are different windows for different functions, but visitors will be directed to the correct window.

currency exchange services. Look for a sign exchange currency in Guangzhou when you walk into a bank outlet.


  1. What is the most economical way to travel from Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui) to Guangzhou ?

    • Take a metro from Tsim Sha Tsui to Luohu, then take a train from Luohu to Guangzhou East Railway Station
      Maybe you can take a bus at HK CTS at Wan chai , Exit B1, Wanchai Metro Station . Price is 100 Yuan . Get off at Garden Hotel , China Hotel ,Hotel Landmark Canton Hotel

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