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In Guangzhou, there are five main commercial centers with different settings. You may find one of your favorite commercial settings to stay and experience the Guangzhou life style.

Shangxiajiu Commercial Area

Shangxia Jiu Lu Shangxia Jiu Lu Shamian Island Shamian Island
Shangxia Jiu Lu Xiguan Mansion Chen Clan Academy Guangzhou Restaurant

Shangxiajiu Commercial Area is located in the center of Liwan District, a prosperous, traditional commercial district. There are lots of time-honored eating places such as Taotaoju Restaurant, Lianxianglou Restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant and Quxiang Cake shop, reflecting the strong Lingnan Culture. There are also lots of places with historical relics full of folk culture such as the Chen Clan Academy, Hua Lin Temple and so on. Moreover, the Xiguan Mansion, Building Overhang and Bamboo Tube House, also represent a traditional and unique xiguan building style. It is a place with commercial and tourist attractions that have the unique business and culture of the Lingan tradition.
Metro: Line 1, get off at Changshou Lu Station

Tip: Lots of people like to stay at the Holiday Inn Shifu at the Shangxiajiu Lu, with a convenient location, and plenty of taxis outside the hotel. There is much shopping within a few blocks, and nice restaurants too. Snacks are available all over the area. It is very easy to reach Shangxiajiu lu even if you stay on Shaimian Island.

Beijing Lu Commercial Area

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pearl River Cruise Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral Shamian Island
Beijing Lu Pearl River Cruise Shishi Cathedral Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Beijing Lu Commercial Area is located on the ancient city axis, and has 5-thousand-year-old historical sites, including Millennium Imperial Gardens, Millennium Shipways, Millennium Ancient Paths, Millennium Water Gates and Millennium Ancient Temples-Six Banyan Tree Temple. Of them, Millennium Ancient Path is the most convincing example of the Millennium Business Centre of Guangzhou. It has many large-scale shopping malls such as Grand Buy, Mingsheng Plaza, Xin Da Xin and famous domestic brand chain stores. As a good place for international business and tourism, it offers special businesses, relaxation, sightseeing and other activities.
Metro: Line 1 & Line 2, Get off at Gongyuanqian Station

You can walk along the bank of Pearl River to relax or join the Pearl River cruise at night. If you stay at the hotels near Haizhu Square, like the Guangzhou Hotel, Hotel Landmark Canton, The Bauhinia Hotel, or Lido Hotel, they are not far from Beijing lu and near the Guangzhou metro station.
Along the Pearl River, the pubs there reflect old architecture and acquire unique flavors. With their advanced facilities, they are known as both fashionable and pioneering.

Huanshi Donglu Commercial Area

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pearl River Cruise
Huanshidong Lu Guangzhou Friendship Store

Huanshi Donglu Commercial Area is located along Huangshi Donglu. There are some stores for luxury goods such as Guangzhou Friendship Store, La Perle, Haoshijie Plaza, World Trade Mall, International Trade Building, Asia International Hotel and several Five-Star Hotels. It offers a place for high-level consumers with the high-class shopping, exotic dining, special bars, and office headquarters.
Metro: Line5, Get off at Taojin Station

Tip: With lots of bars and clubs around Huanshi doung Lu, there are also some hotels like Guangzhou Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel, Holiday Inn City Center Hotel and Ocean Hotel .

Tianhe commercial Area

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pearl River Cruise Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral Shamian Island
Tianhe Guangzhou Opera House Guangzhou TeeMall Guangzhou Pacific Computer City

Tianhe Commercial Area is located in the new central axis of Guangzhou City; the center has the highest concentration of shopping malls in China. Representatives are the Tee Mall, Grandview Mall, and Onelink Mall. The total retails areas are more than one million square meters. It is the first choice for shopping, sightseeing and relaxing.
Metro: Line 1 and Line 3, Get off at Tiyuxi Station

The Guangzhou East Railway station is located at the Tianhe Commercial Area. It is convenient for you go to Hong Kong from East Railway station. There are lots of Five- Star hotels like the Westin Guangzhou, Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich Hotel, Jianguo Hotel (close to Guangzhou East Railway station), and Grand Hyatt Hotel.

China Plaza Commercial Area

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pearl River Cruise
China Plaza Guangzhou Guangzhou Martyrs park

China Plaza Commercial Area is located nearby the Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs’ Cemetery. It has China Plaza, Update Mall, Dynasty Plaza and Highsun Sport City and attracts many young shoppers interested in fashion, new trends and individuality.
Metro: Line 1, Get off at Martyrs’ Park Station

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