Wong Lo Kat

Wong Lo Kat

Wang Lao ji herb tea (Wong Lo Kat) was established in the Qing Dynasty, has been more than 170 years of history, enjoying the reputation of “ancestor of Chinese herb tea”;
Liangcha (literally, Herbal tea) is a China’s unique herb-stewed drink, cold and cool as herbs, which can eliminate the body’s heat in summer or treat sore throat and other diseases caused by winter dryness. In the Guangdong area, people like to drink herbal teas as if it were a necessity of their daily lives. One of the most prestigious, Wonglaoji herbal teas was first invented in Qing Dynasty in Guangzhou city by an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Wang Zebang (Nickname A Ji, also known as Wong Laoji). At the time the city is full of traders, dock porters and rickshaws. Those burned up in business disputes, heavily worked under the hot sun, consumed excessive alcohol in social intercourse, had a heat stroke at long-distance trafficking, ate too much barbecue or fried food, and had sore throat brain hot all would like to spend coins to buy a bowl of Wonglaoji herbal tea to reduce their “pathogenic fire”. There were also many hawkers who pulled carts in the city selling this herbal tea, which was once a big sight in Guangzhou city.
The sales of the Wong Lo Kat brand are estimated at 2.244 billion RMB and sales at 12 billion RMB in 2008. In Mainland China it is available in red cans or small (250ml) cartons in most convenience stores.
Wanglaoji (wong lo kat) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. possesses modern workshops and advanced equipment. Wanglaoji has also acquired China National GMP Certification and Australia TGA’s GMP Certification. Its main products include Wanglaoji Medicinal Tea Granule, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea, Bao Ji Pill, Bao Ji Oral Solution, Seven Natural Herbs Granule, Acne Tablet, Ke Gan Li Yan Oral Solution, Tan Ke Jing Powder/Tablet, Huo Dan Pill, etc. Among them, Wanglaoji Medicinal Tea Granule, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea, Bao Ji Pill, and Tan Ke Jing were awarded with the titles of “Chinese Traditional Medicine Famous Product” and “Guangdong and Guangzhou Famous Product”.

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