Xinghai Concert Hall

Xinghai concert hall

Xinghai Concert Hall is the home of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, and puts on an amazing array of concerts featuring national and international performers. The concert hall is surrounded by a fantastic sculpture garden, and is next door to the Guangzhou Museum of Art, making the two an excellent mid-afternoon to evening trip.
The symphony performing Hall was designed on the basis of natural sound, using reinforced concrete shell of hyperbolic paraboloids to cover the “Mountain valley-Terraced fields” seats so that the surfaces of these two parts directly form a “sound field”. The architectural structural space is a acoustics one. The hard interior surface of the reinforced concrete shell and the sidewall of the parquet seat areas serve as the interface of the reflection and diffusion of the music sound. In addition, a spheric diffuser hung above the performing stage improves the mutually heard condition on the performing stage and reinforces the early reflected sound for the front seat areas.
Address:33 Qingbo Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Contact: 020 8735 2222 (Tel)

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