Yuexiu District

Yuexiu district

Yuexiu District is the oldest downtown area of Guangzhou. The commercial center of Guangzhou, It was located at the west of Tianhe District and the east of Liwan District. It was the political and cultural centre of Guangdong Province. Set up the South China Sea county after Qin unified China, Offical Wei Renao was selected between Baiyun Mountain and Pearl River Hillw where was a resistance Sea region (in this area Yue Xiu) as shire in BC 214 BC build Panyu City (Panyu city’s site in Yuexiu district). Since then, Time brings great changes to the world., Zhujiang river southward, lakes disappeared completely, the creek silt cold, alluvial plains is increasing, and Panyu City, in subsequent dynasties have also been expanding in various historical, such as the Western Han Dynasty extension of their city etc . It was famous for its high quality education. The district was established in 1960, and merged to Dongshan District in 2005.
The Maritime Silk Route was starting point and base are in Yuexiu. During the NangYue country. this place has become ivory, jade, and other valuables of the collecting and distributing center .During the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Yuexiu District, has become for foreign businessmen to China for commodity trading concentrated. Today Business travel is a major feature of the tourism industry of Yuexue district.
This district claims home to the citys most prestigious shopping street, Guangzhou Beijing Road -a shopping paradise. Near Beijing Road, there are two other famous shopping areas, Yang Zhong Womens Street and Gao Di Street, The Fashion Street. Both areas specialize in clothing and cosmetics, and attract women from across the country, who are drawn by the rich variety of products and who take advantage of the low prices. The business opportunities created here have brought these two shopping streets recognition as they gave rise to the first generation of the Chinese nouveau riche in the early 1980s. During this period, many employees working for government and state-owned companies left their jobs to set up small businesses.

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees
Huaisheng Mosque
Temple of Bright Filial Piety
Museum of the Tomb of the King of Southern Yue in Western Han Dynasty
Yuexiu Park, Beijing Lu(Road)

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