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Asia Bank in Guangzhou
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Nanyang Commercial Bank(南洋商业银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, Room 402, Skygalleria, CITIC Plaza, No.233 Tianhebei Lu, 广州市天河区天河北路233号中信广场商场402铺
Tianhe District 510613
Tel: 020-38912668
Fax: 020-83842726
E-mail: Only available online

Chong Hing Bank Guangzhou Representative Office(创兴银行广州代表处)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, Room 302, No.7 Yongshengshangsha, Donghu Lu, 广州市越秀区东湖路永胜上沙7号302室
Yuexiu District 510100
Tel: 020-83758300

Bank of East Asia(东亚银行)
Guangdong, G/F to 3/F, Metro Plaza, No. 183 Tianhe Bei Lu, 广州市天河北路183号大都会广场一至四层
Tianhe District 510075
Tel: 020-87551138
Fax: 020-87553938
E-mail: Only available online
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Heng Seng Bank(恒生银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, No 137-140 of G/F shopping Arcade, No 250 of 2/F and No.3701、3708 of 37/F , CITIC Plaza, No. 233 Tianhe Bei Road, 广州市天河区天河北路233号中信广场商场首层137-140号,2层250号,37层3701和3708号
Tianhe District 510613
Tel: 020-38110888
Fax: 020-38772473

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Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.(汇丰银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, G2, G/F, Garden Hotel, No.368 HuanShi Dong Road, 广州市环市东路368号花园酒店首层G2
Yuexiu District 510064
Tel: 020-83131888
Fax: 020-83652368
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United Overseas Bank(大华银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, Unit 1107-1110, Metro Plaza, No.183-187 Tianhebei Lu, 广州市天河北路183-187号大都市广场1107-1110室
Liwan District 510075
Tel: 020-87558611/8787/8789
Fax: 020-87556661
E-mail: Only available online

DBS Bank(星展银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, Unit 1006, 10/F, Fortune Plaza West Tower, Tiyu Dong Lu, 广州市天河区体育东路118号财富广场西塔10楼1006室
Tianhe District 510620
Tel: 020-38848010
Tel: 020-38848060


Bank of Baroda Guangzhou Branch(印度巴鲁达银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, 2011-2013, Metro Plaza, No.183 Tianhe Bei Lu, 广州市天河北路183号大都会广场2011-2013室
Tianhe District 510620
Tel: 020-83752466
Tel: 020-83752390
Fax: 020-83752285
E-mail: Only available online


Kookmin Bank(国民银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, Room 4602/3, Office Building, CITIC Plaza, 233 Tianhe N.Road, 广州市天河北路233号中信广场4602/03室
Tianhe District 510613
Tel: 020-38770566/3020/3700
Fax: 38770569

Europe Banks In Guangzhou

BMPS – Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Unit 1708, Tower A, Center Plaza, 161 Linhexi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R.C.
PC 510620
Tel: 38251001, 38251002
Fax: 38251003

Banque Crédit-Agricole
Room 2501-2503, Guangzhou International Electrical Tower, 403 Huanshi Dong lu, Guangzhou, P.R.C.
PC 510095
Tel: 87324608
Fax: 87324272/3

Room 1804, Main Tower, Guangdong International Hotel, No.339 Huanshidong Lu, P.R.C.
PC 510098
Tel: 83311886
Fax: 83312029
Banco commercial Portugues
Room 2301, 23/F Peace World Plaza, No. 362-366, Huanshidong Lu, GuangZhou,P.R.C.
PC 510060
Tel: 83874277/ 83874377
Fax: 83874307

Deutsche Bank AG
Rm 6403-6404 CITIC Plaza, No.233 Tianhe Bei Lu, Guangzhou, P.R.C.
PC 510613
Tel: 38771618
Fax: 38771406
Dresdner Bank AG
Guangzhou Representative Office
T.P. Plaza, Office 905, 9/109 Liuhua Lu, Guangzhou, P.R.C.
PC 510010
Tel: 86695920

BNP Paribas
Unit 1001-1002, TP Plaza, 109-9 Liuhua Road, Guangzhou, P.R.C.
PC 510010
Tel: 86695822
Fax: 86695733

Credit Agricole Indosuez
Guangzhou Branch
Rm 2103, Teem Mall, No.208 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou
PC 510620
Tel: 87324608
Fax: 87324272 / 4273

Fortis Bank
Rm.2601, 26/F, Peace World Plaza, No.362 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou, P.R.C.
PC 510060
Tel: 83872783
Fax: 83870086

Standard Chartered Bank PLC
Guangzhou Branch
13/F May Flower Plaza, No.68 Zhongshan Wu Road., Guangzhou, P.R.C.
PC 510030
Tel: 83918822
Fax: 83339998

Societe Generale
Booth 3-101, 5-101, 7-101, Unit 9-4201-4205, 4216, 4217-4221, china Shine Plaza, No 3-15 Linhe Xi Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
PC 510060
Tel: 38197888
Fax: 38197666
地址:广州市天河区林和西路3-15号(单号)耀中广场9号第42 层01-05,16和17-21号单元,3号101、5号101和7号101复式商铺

Amarica Banks In Guangzhou

Delta Air Lines(美国达美航空公司)
Rm2515, 25/F, Bank of America Plaza, No. 555 Renmin Zhong Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 广州市人民中路555号美国银行中心25楼15室
Yuexiu District 510613
Tel: 020-81306292
Fax: 020-81306252
E-mail: Only available online

Bank of America(美国银行)
About Us: Bank of America Corporation, based in Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the largest financial services companies, largest bank by assets, third largest commercial bank by deposits, and (previously) third largest by market capitalization in the United States.Bank of America serves clients in more than 150 countries and has a relationship with 99 percent of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies and 83 percent of the Fortune Global 500.

Address : Guangdong, Guangzhou, Unit 2509, 25/F Bank of America Plaza, No. 555 Renmin Road Middle, 广州市人民中路555号美国银行中心2509室
Liwan District 510613
Tel: 020-81303000

Guangdong, Guangzhou, Rm 7201-7202, Office Tower, CITIC Plaza, No. 233 Tianhe Bei Lu, 广州市天河北路223号中信广场7201-7202室
Tianhe District 510613
Tel: 020-38771333-1166
Fax: 020-38770990

Wachovia Bank, NA(美联银行)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, Room 3206, CITIC Plaza, No. 233 Tianhe Road North, 广州市天河北路233号中信广场3206室
Tianhe District 510613
Tel: 020-38771335
Fax: 020-38771336

American Express(美国运通)
Guangdong, Guangzhou, Room 806, Main Tower, Guangdong International Hotel, No. 339 Huanshi Road, 广州市环市东路339号广东国际大厦主楼806室
Liwan District 510098
Tel: 020-83311611
Fax: 020-83311616

About us
The Bank of Nova Scotia is the third largest bank in Canada by deposits and market capitalization. The bank was founded in 1832 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and its primary corporate offices are located in Toronto, Ontario.

Address : Guangdong, Guangzhou, Unit 1503, 1505, 1506, Tower A, Center Plaza, No.161 Linhexi Road, Tianhe District, 广州市天河区林和西路161号中泰国际广场A塔1503.1505.1506室
Tianhe District 510620
Tel: 020-83963668
Fax: 020-83311799
E-mail: Only available online

BMO Bank of Montreal(蒙特利尔银行)

Guangdong, Guangzhou, Suite 1203, T.P. Plaza, 9/109 Liuhua Road, 广州市流花路109号之9达宝广场1023室
Liwan District 510010
Tel: 020-86695148ext218
Fax: 020-86695149

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