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The Canton Fair is held every year in Spring(Canton fair Spring) and Autumn (Canton Fair Autumn) sessions of three phases each with the first session taking place in April/May and the second in October/November. Each phase usually lasts five days and showcases different product types. The different phases exhibit products that are representative of different sectors of consumer and industry manufacturing. It is China’s largest trade fair, consisting of a wide range of excelling industries, one of the largest attendance and a high business turnover. The Fair is a comprehensive and multi-functional event of international importance. According to AUMA’s statistical standards, the CECF as a biannual event now ranks the world’s No.3 in terms of scale.
Fifty Trading Delegations, being composed of thousands of China’s best foreign trade corporations (enterprises) with good credibility and sound financial capabilities, take part in the Fair, including foreign trade companies, factories, scientific research institutions, foreign invested enterprises, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, private enterprises, etc.
Besides traditional way of negotiating against samples, the Fair holds Canton Fair online. The Fair leans to export trade, though import business is also done here. Apart from the above-mentioned, various types of business activities such as economic and technical cooperations and exchanges, commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consultation, etc. are also carried out in flexible ways. Business people from all over the world are gathering in Guangzhou, exchanging business information and developing friendship. (official website)
The fair will be held in a complex with an exhibition space of 170,000 square meters. There will be more than five thousand 3-by-3-square-meter booths, all in accordance to international standards.
There are six main exhibition halls. The details are as follows:
1. Food, Native Produce and Animal By-products: It features products like foodstuffs, native products, carpet, tobacco, tea, gardening goods, fur and leather, etc.
2. Metals, Minerals and Chemicals: Includes chemical products, stone carving, machinery, industrial mineral and metal products, agriculture implements, building materials and minerals & metallurgical products ( including construction pottery, porcelain as well as sanitary equipment ). chemical reagent, rubber & rubber products minerals products: metallurgical products & non-ferrous Metals: ferrous Metals, ferrous metal minerals, non-ferrous metal minerals , non- metal minerals, cement and products
3. Light industrial Products, Arts and Crafts: Includes ceramics & porcelain, toys, straw and willow plaited products, pearl, gem & jewelry, bone carving and jade carving, special arts and crafts, drawn work and embroideries, footwear and headwear, stationery and sporting goods, clocks, watches and optical, suitcases & bags, household utensils, furniture, merchandise, Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lights, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Bulbs .
4. Textiles and Garments:
Casual Wear & City Wear, High Fashion & Occasional Wear, Lingerie , Sportswear, Specialty, Fashion Accessories, Garments Accessories, Other Garments, Garment Fabrics
Household Textiles
Bed Linens, Table Linens, Decorative Fabrics, Towels, Curtains, Flags, Tassels
Hand-made Carpets, Machine-made Carpets, Knitted Carpets, Hand-embroidered Carpets, Velvet Carpets, Decoration Tapestries and Other Carpets
Raw Textile
Batiste Silk, Cotton Yarn, Flax Yarn, Wool Yarn, Chemical Fiber Yarn & Cloth
Embroidered Products, Artex Clothing, Prints, Raw Artex, Other Artex
Furs, Leathers, Downs, Down Products
Furs and Fur Products, Leathers and Leather Products, Downs and Down Products
5. Machinery and Electrical Products: Includes electron and household appliance, information products and apparatus, giant machinery equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, automobile and fittings, vehicle and engineering & farm machinery ,apparatus, instruments and meters, photo supplies, printing and plate-making apparatus, film apparatus, power and electromechanical equipment, machine tools and accessories, sewing machines and Parts, Large-scale machinery and equipment
6. Pharmaceutical and Health Products: Includes herbs, medicine, health products, medical apparatus and instruments ( including huge, complex types ) .
Traditional Chinese Medicines: Dried Medical Herbs, Chinese Patent Medicines, Chinese Medicinal Wine
Western Medicines: Pharmaceuticals, Western Patent Medicines
Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines
Medical Instruments and Dressings
Health-care and Beauty Products
7. Internet, computer’s products: Include IT products, communication products , business automation equipment, electronic security equipment, electronic & electrical products , electronic apparatus, electrical apparatus, computer, computer peripheral Equipment, The show is expected to attract more than 100,000 merchants from 170 countries around the world. Most will place orders for goods or seek business partners in China.
If you need any help, please feel free to contact us soon.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us soon.

Canton fair 2011: Phase 1: April 15-19, 2011

               Phase 2: April 23-27, 2011

               Phase 3: May 1-5, 2011

Time of Initiation: the spring of 1957
Interval: two sessions a year
Fair Session: April 15th-20th & 25th-30th
Duration: 12 days
Open Hours (99th session): 2006 April 15th-20th 9:00a.m. -6:00p.m.
2006 April 25th-30th 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. noon
Venue: the CECF PazhouComplex & Liuhua Complex, Guangzhou
Exhibition Space: 170,000 M2
Number of Booths: 27,000
Varieties: more than 100,000
Number of Visitors: 150,485 (the Autumn Session of 2003)
Number of Trading Countries & Regions: 201(the Autumn Session of 2003)
Business Turnover: US$20.493 million (the Autumn Session of 2003)
Administration: The leading committee of Chinese Export Commodities Fair is composed of leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the People’s Government of Guangzhou City as well as the leaders of the Trading Delegations, the various Import/Export Chambers of Commerce and other departments concerned.
Exhibition Pattern: Trading Delegations are organized by different provinces and municipalities. Exhibition halls are arranged by different Chambers of Commerce; Trading Delegations and Exhibition Halls are combined into one exhibits are arranged according to different trades.

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