CECF–Pazhou Complex

guangzhou pazhou complex

CECF (Pazhou Complex) Complex, located in Pazhou Island in southeast part of Guangzhou, is uniquely designed in a beautiful environment. The main design principle of Pazhou Complex is to extend the image of “flowing” of Pearl River. The wave like rooftop just likes the river flowing by.
Pazhou Complex is a multifunctional and comprehensive international exhibition center of high standard. It is the largest in scale and highest in grade in Asia and whose facilities are most advanced. It can meet the demands for large-scale international-level commodities fairs and large-scale trade fairs and so on. Exhibiting here means the high ranks and grades of the exhibitions. Focus on optimizing the second industry and speed up the development of the tertiary industry. Through conventions, exhibitions, and all kinds of activity events to construct it into an international trade and demonstration center in China.
Pazhou Complex is by now the LARGEST exhibition centre in Asia and is also known as Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It covers a total land area of Pazhou Complex is 700000 m2 The first stage project of Pazhou Complex covers a ground area of 430,000 square meters with the structural area of 395,000 square meters. Sixteen exhibition halls are built, among which the land area of indoor exhibition halls is 160000m², and that of outdoor exhibition sites is 22000 m2.
The exhibition hall of the ground floor is 13 meters high and that of the second floor is 8.89 to 19 meters high. It can provide a supreme high space for all kinds of exhibitions. In the five huge halls on the second floor, there are no poles, even when each hall covers about 10000m². There are only several poles in the eight halls on the ground floor, which is convenient for disposing the exhibition. The weight for each square meter to bear is five tons and 1.5 tons for the ground floor and the second floor. Besides, there are opening entrances and exits in both of the south and north sides, therefore the exhibition halls can be united for exhibitions as well as separated.
Convenient traffic One guangzhou subway station is built here. There are city trunk roads on its east, west, south and north sides. The No. 8 Subway is here—Pazhou Station. (Tip: Before the extension to both lines 2 and 8 opened in September 2010, this station ran as part of Line 2 as a single Line from Wanshengwei to Sanyuanli)

guangzhou subway

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