History of Canton Fair

CECF-Chinese Export Commodities Fair

To keep pace with the vigorous development in China as well as the trade relations and amicable exchanges between China and the rest of the world, the Exhibition of Chinese Export Commodities (the precedent of Chinese Export Commodities Fair) was established in the autumn of 1956. It have a 101 times of history until now. As you know, Canton Fair, a comprehensively international trade fair, which have a longest history, highest level, the largest scale, various kinds of commodities and you will be surprised to find that there are so many foreign dealers from all over the world and the greatest dealing result.
Looking back at the forty years traversed by the Trade Fair, we can well see that tremendous changes have come off in every aspect of the Fair such as the Fair’s exhibition space, products for export, number of foreign visitors, business turnover, and so on. The Canton Fair serves as a historical witness to the development of China’s foreign trade, it has faithfully recorded the pace of the country’s growth.
The Canton Fair is a Trade Only show that exhibits products and services in both the consumer and industry sectors and which concentrates mainly on export trade. April 1957 saw the very first Canton Fair being held in the former Sino-Soviet Friendship Building in North Guangzhou. The Friendship Building’s exhibition space was spread over 18,000 sq.m. and was able to contain the entire fair. Several years later the fair was moved to the Liuhua Complex and remained there for many years. Recent fairs have taken place in Guangzhou’s enormous China Import and Export Fair Complex, however, and, with 1,125,000 sq.m. of exhibition space now available – and fully occupied – the fair is now a very different exhibition from that which debuted in 1957. Now, there are over 100, 000 kinds or products from famous brands. It features new quality products, specialties and products adapting advanced technology from various parts of the country.
The Guangzhou Trade Fair was able to obtain more and more supplies and improved its product mix to a great extent. For example, the ratio of manufactured goods has risen from 20% at the outset of the Fair in 1957 to 85.6% in 1995.
In the early days of the Guangzhou Trade Fair, guests came from few countries and regions in Asia. As the Fair developed and as the country becomes more open, an increasing number of foreign business people from various countries and regions have secured business at the Guangzhou Trade Fair. The Trading Delegations are organized by their different provinces and municipalities; the exhibition halls itself are arranged by the Chambers of Commerce.
The Fair serves as a historical witness to the development of China’s foreign trade, it has faithfully recorded the pace of the country’s growth.

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