Hsbc Credit Cards, Offering the Best Always

HSBC or the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking corporation limited is one of the best names in the global banking domain. Their connection with India dates back to the pre-independence era, when people hardly knew about the concept of banking. Since, then, HSBC bank has found a true soul-mate in the land of India. Over this period of time, HSBC has introduced several innovations in the world of banking. Their fetish for the most advanced technology has seen them bringing the most revolutionary changes in the entire banking sector. Also from time to time they have revamped their policy frames for the sake of convenience of their customers. Due to their glorious track record, HSBC has a reputed clientèle, which comprises names from both corporate and normal backgrounds. Their rich and sound portfolio speaks volumes about their wonderful career as an international banking entity. They offer a wide array of loan products, account services etc. However, their credit card product stand out as the distinctive points in their portfolio. Yes, HSBC credit cards are the best in the entire world.
HSBC offers credit cards for different people from different strata of society. There credit cards have been distinctly categorised into four different types namely – Platinum, Gold, Classic and Co-branded credit cards. The USP of all of these cards is that they are a direct access to the most stunning special features and offers on the Earth. While Platinum card focuses on the best and only the best, Gold is for people who have a thing for special money saving schemes along with the reaping of benefits. The Co-branded cards are nothing but the outcome of the joint venture of both HSBC and lifestyle brand Westside. Last but not the least, classic card is for the extracting the best out of all types of schemes.
Elaborating further, HSBC offers five credit cards in total. They are HSBC Gold Credit Card, HSBC Classic credit card, HSBC Platinum Credit Card, HSBC Westside credit card and HSBC Westside Classic credit card.
The first in the line ie HSBC Gold Credit Card is a credit card that offers an array of benefits ranging from zero-surcharge fuel waiver to cashback offers on excursions. HSBC Classic credit card, too offers the same benefits but with a difference. Another card ie HSBC Platinum Credit Card is a true delight for the first time user, since, it gives the buyer a chance to win himself a welcome gift. Buyer will also give himself a chance to reap the benefits of an enhanced reward program. HSBC Westside credit card is a card that has been exclusively conceptualised to meet the high-end demands of people from rich and affluent backgrounds. By availing this card one can actually get lucky at Westside stores. What more customers can actually use these cards outside of the domestic range to finance their international spends. Last but not the least HSBC Westside Classic credit card, too offers the same benefits but with little difference. Thus, it is quite clear that HSBC credit card products are the finest in the world.
Not only HSBC credit cards but HDFC credit cards,ICICI credit cards, SBI credit cards etc too are the eminent names in this credit card segment that are offering world class facilities both credit and add-ons to their prospective customers.

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