In Memory of Liuhua-Liuhua complex

Liuhua Complex

Located in the center of the Guangzhou city, Liuhua Complex enjoys the advantages of convenient traffic and dense visitor flow and is very suitable for holding public and consumer exhibitions. For many years, Liuhua Complex has kept investing huge sum of money to improve and upgrade its premises and all kinds of its equipment and facilities. The supporting facilities of the exhibition complex are becoming sophisticated. In the Liuhua Complex, flexible partition can be made and all sorts of leasing terms, long or short, are available. It is suitable for holding exhibitions and activities of various kinds and scales.
The first stage project of Liuhua Complex covers a ground area of 414,000 square meters with the structural area of 395,000 square meters. With 13 exhibition halls on the first and second floors, Pazhou Complex has an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, being the largest exhibition center in Asia. The Complex has been in operation since the end of 2002.
Chinese Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex has an indoor exhibition area of 120,000 square meters. It is universally renowned for holding the spring and autumn Chinese Export Commodities Fairs each year.
There are five convention rooms whose accommodations range from 15 to 130 people, equipped with slide projector, projecting apparatus, multi-media apparatus. These convention rooms could meet the needs of all kinds of discussions, academic meetings. General reception services are available here. CECF (Liuhua) Complex possesses 6 VIP rooms designed in western style or traditional Chinese style. Redecorated VIP rooms are luxurious and comfortable, all equipped with modern facilities. Leaders of our country and foreign missions were once received in them
The price systems for site leasing adopted by the two exhibition complexes are different from each other. Liuhua Complex charges domestic and foreign exhibitors differently, while Pazhou Complex adopts a pricing policy that charges domestic and foreign exhibitors equally. By doing so, it provide national treatment for foreign exhibitors. Liuhua Complex has taken the lead to do so among the famous exhibition complexes in China. Based on the basic prices, rebates are given to exhibiters according to the scales and natures of the exhibitions, as well as according to whether the exhibiting place is good or so-so and the exhibition is in a busy or low season.

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