Chimelong Theme Park

Chimelong Theme Park is the most biggest theme park in the China , you will like that ,

Chimelong Water Park

Chimelong Water Park is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou ,It is the largest and most advanced water park in Asia and contains some of the top new water ride attractions in the world and some of the only water rides to be found in Asia. Including the first Boomerango ride, the longest lazy river, the largest wave pool, the first ... Read More »

Chimelong Water Park Travel Tips

Chimelong Water Park is renowned across the country and even in the world. As the world’s largest and most advanced water park with the greatest number of water amusement projects, Chimelong Water Park practically imports all of its equipment from abroad, many of which have won international awards. Its ultra-large amusement area, top-level facilities, agreeable environment and high-quality services have ... Read More »

Chimelong International Circus

s one of the subsidiary companies of Guangzhou Chimelong Group, Chimelong International Circus is the world’s largest permanent circus, founded in 2000, with more than 8000 seats in the circus stadium. Combining the best international circus acts, Chimelong International Circus aims to thrill visitors with the most amazing show imaginable. Since the circus’s commencement, it has produced three successful and ... Read More »

Xiangjiang Safari Park travel tips

I. Buying Tickets Original price of tickets for adults: 180 Yuan, 90 Yuan for children of 1.2-1.5 meters, and also 90 Yuan for people above 65 years old (against ID trainset) You can also consider to buy annual tickets. With 880 Yuan, you can visit 4 parks. It is quite worthwhile. There are not many places to relax in Guangzhou, ... Read More »

Chimelong International Circus Travel Tips

Same as other Chimelong theme parks, Chimelong International Circus has its own tickets office. The circus theatre can simultaneously accommodate nearly 7,000 people. The show will begin at 19:30pm every night throughout the year other than during holidays and special occasions such as maintenance time, generally in such cases Chimelong International Circus will give notices in advance in newspapers and ... Read More »

Guangzhou Crocodile Park

Guangzhou Crocodile Park is one component of the larger Chimelong Tourism Resort. With over 100 thousand crocodiles, the park is the largest crocodile-themed amusement park in the world. Guangzhou Crocodile Park consists of seven different areas and brings the guests an astonishing experience of standing among 100 thousand crocodiles. Add: Dabian Village, Dashi Township, Panyu District, Guangzhou 地址:广州市番禺区大石镇石北大道大边村 Tel: 4008 ... Read More »

Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise

Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park was designed by the famous theme park designing company Forrec Company from Canada.Chime-Long Paradise is operated by the ChimeLong Group. Opening in 2006 it has over 70 rides including a 10-looped roller coaster, mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records. The quickest motorbike roller coaster which can reach 80 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, ... Read More »