Chimelong International Circus Travel Tips

Same as other Chimelong theme parks, Chimelong International Circus has its own tickets office. The circus theatre can simultaneously accommodate nearly 7,000 people. The show will begin at 19:30pm every night throughout the year other than during holidays and special occasions such as maintenance time, generally in such cases Chimelong International Circus will give notices in advance in newspapers and also on the official website.

I. Tickets

It is suggested to directly buy tickets in the Circus from Monday to Thursday but to book tickets in advance from Friday to Sunday, because from Friday to Sunday the tickets will be behind the demands, though during weekend there are additional shows (usually no ticket will be available after 12:00 on Saturday and Sunday). It is noticed that now the online booking is available in Chimelong’s official website, so it is recommended to book tickets on line and enjoy the discounts.
Tips for tickets: Generally the twin tickets will be more favorable, such as twin tickets for Chimelong Paradise and Chimelong International Circus, Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park and Chimelong International Circus, or Chimelong Water Park and Chimelong International Circus. If you want to enjoy the show of Chimelong International Circus only but with favorable price, you can buy tickets via travel agents.

II. When can I go into the theatre?

Visitors will be allowed to enter the circus within one and half an hour before the show start, and usually the favorable seats will be seated in half an hour, so you’d better enter the circus as soon as possible.
Admission tips: It is suggested to take a favorable seat before buying food as entering the stadium (No seat should be matched to ticket number except for VIP tickets).

III. Selection of Favorable Seats

What are favorable seats? Certainly VIP. But among common seats which are favorable? Here are some tips:
(1) Near VIP area. Since not a VIP seat, we try to sit near the VIP and center area, because the performers will act facing the VIP area, that is, the central area of the circus.
(2) Sitting high other than sitting at sides. The most distressing thing is that some visitors would rather take the side seats than the higher seats. In fact, if you sit in a side seat, you may possibly miss the better show effect, as some acts can only clearly appreciated in middle seats. While if you sit in a middle higher seat, you may watch the complete show, and even you do not need to look up at the high-wire acts, though you are far away from the stage.
(3) The old and children should sit away from the stage. Because they may be scared of pyrotechnics and other special effects, so it’s good for them to sit away the stage. For parents holding a baby, the further seats will be better, since not every child could bear the intensive light and sound effects, the parents will be toilsome if sitting too close to the stage.
(4) Believe in staffs. Many people will think that the staffs close off some entrances to keep visitors, actually this is for the sake of visitors. As the point (2) mentioned, many visitors will have side seats while ignoring the better seats in higher area, because the side seats are near entrances but higher seats are far away from the entrances. To effectively control the distribution of the audience inside is also a principle for the circus management, therefore, visitors should follow the guidance of workers, which is the common rule worldwide.
(5) If you want a gift you’d better have a seat close to the stage, because during the show some performers will throw some gifts but such gifts can only reach the area near the stage.

IV. Safety

As the stage is designed as sinking style and the Circus can accommodate 7,000 people, we can imagine the inclination of stairs. When entering the circus, we should take good care of the old and children; in particular we should pay attention when entering the circus after buying snacks in the snack counter. If many visitors are queuing up in some entrance, we should enter from another entrance, to avoid accidents. During the show, clowns will interact with audiences, which is also the reason why workers close off some entrances. If you need to pass the passage, please try to lower your body to avoid interrupt others, and if you find some performers in the same passage, please keep quiet until they finish performance.

V. Stay Calm

Since circus show is live show, it is difficult to avoid accidents, and many performances are dangerous, in case of an accident, it is important to stay calm and leave the Circus following guidance of workers.

VI. No Flashlight

“No Flashlight” has been usually ignored. We should know that performers perform these dangerous acts with their lives, and some visitors might “kill” them when using the flashlight regardless of the prohibition. For performers who have fell, even they only have slightly injured, but they will have breaking hearts – they may possibly never return to the stage because of the tumble. Therefore, we should respect them and protect them.

VII. Orderly Leave the Circus

For additional shows on Saturday and Sunday, after watching the show audiences should leave the Circus within half an hour, so performers can prepare for the next show and staff can clean the Circus to facilitate the timely admission of audience of next show. Therefore, audiences of additional shows should follow guidance of staffs and leave the Circus in time to avoid chaos.


  1. Is there public transport after the circus show ended at 9pm to return to hotel in downtown Guangzhou. I understand the Chimelong is very far from town and am concerned in not being to get back to my hotel by shuttle bus and metro

    • Hi there, you can take metro Line 3 at CHimelong Metro Station, the Line 3 CLOSE 11 AM , have shuttle bus to metro station , then you can take metro back to downtown

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