Chimelong Water Park Travel Tips

Chime long water park

Chimelong Water Park is renowned across the country and even in the world. As the world’s largest and most advanced water park with the greatest number of water amusement projects, Chimelong Water Park practically imports all of its equipment from abroad, many of which have won international awards. Its ultra-large amusement area, top-level facilities, agreeable environment and high-quality services have attracted tourists from all over the world and given them aa treasured and unforgettable memory.

Ticket prices are: RMB 200 for the adult, RMB 90 for the 1.2-1.5m child, and RMB 90 for the aged above 65 (with ID Certificate). RMB 110 for middle school students (with valid credentials); RMB 150 for university students (with valid credentials); full ticket for Fun in Starlight is RMB 110 (entry after 17:30 pm); annual ticket: RMB 680, with which you may visit four theme parks. It is convenient for your friends and relatives, and with annual ticket, you may accompany them, which not only is cheap, but also expresses your politeness.

Weather for travel
Sunny, cloudy, misty or rainy weather will not disturb your travel in the amusement park. And you will have more fun in

Time for travel
The park is open from April to October each year, and Fun in Starlight is open from June. Daily opening hours: 9:30-22:00 from 1 September to 12 September, and 9:30-18:00 from 13 September till the closing date.

Traffic vehicle for travel
It is recommended to take subway because Line 3 will lead to Hanxi and Changlong Station, where you may go out from exit E to the point of bus bringing you to Chimelong Paradise free of charge. In spite of the free bus, it’s nice to take a 5-minute walk to the front entrance of Chimelong Water Park.

You may prepare some water-proof sunscreen with high SPF, so that you can have fun without worrying about being tanned. We offer food and beverage in the park for people with different spending powers.

Schedule of travel
Tourist maps are available in the park, and you can select equipment according to the opening hours and your preference. Here, you can find large-scale and challenging Behemoth Bowl, Super Tornado, Head-first Racer and Vertical Limit, as well as Family Slide, Parents-and-kids slide, Kids Water Town, Mini-Tornado, Lazy River, Hawaii Water Town and Super Wave Pool which are suitable for the whole family. Last but not least, you will also be welcomed by our baby penguin, macaw, red-crowned crane and other friends. Regardless of your age, you will surely have fun in Chimelong Water Park. And be sure not to miss the eye-catching Miss Bikini International held by Chimelong!

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  1. Hello!

    When in October does the water park close?

    Thank you,


  2. Is the entrance ticket price of Chimelong paradise includes all rides or do I have to pay separately for the rides? If it includes the rides, how many times can I have one ride with the ticket?

    • Annual ticket, you can go there many times in one year! 365 days, you can go there everyday
      I have annual card before, good price.
      Chimelong Paradise all include all rides,but not include food and water.
      I think it is reasonable price , I am sure the kids will like that,

  3. You said, “annual ticket: RMB 680, with which you may visit four theme parks.”

    My questions are:

    1. Which four parks I may visit?

    2. Would it include all rides within this price or do I have to pay for the different rides separately?

    3. What’s the expiry date of the card?


    • hello there

      annual ticket only one park ,like Safari park , Water Park ,Chimelong Paradise ,you can choose one of them ,include all rides. annual ticket is 1 year 365 days. you can go to the Chimelong buy anaual ticket.
      the kids, maybe safari park or Chimelong Paradise is better.

      please read the office website of Chimelong
      Thank you

  4. HI need mens and boys CHINOS for wholesale price.

    Please send suppliers contact details

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