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Chimelong Water Park is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou ,It is the largest and most advanced water park in Asia and contains some of the top new water ride attractions in the world and some of the only water rides to be found in Asia. Including the first Boomerango ride, the longest lazy river, the largest wave pool, the first Tornado ride in China., this is one place that will surprise you in Guangzhou and it is one of the best places to relax and cool off is by visiting the newly expanded Chimelong Water Park.
Chimelong Water Park has ensured that all visitors are catered for. In the park there has the largest children’s aqua play area and the first park wide use of ozone water treatment to ensure the purest water quality available. In addition Chimelong Water Park offers entertaining performances, a large range of food outlets, shopping and other convenience services. It was expanded by 10,000 square metres this season with the addition of a mini water playground and some brightly-coloured spray features from Unite Art of Shenzhen, plus the aforementioned Mini Tornado.
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Top 10 Attractions–Feel the most fun
1: Behemoth Bowl
This equipment is designed and manufactured by PROSLIDE, a world-renowned Canadian manufacturer of water rides and also the designer of Tornado. Behemoth Bowl has won the “Golden Ticket Award—Best New Waterpart Ride” of 2007. 4 riders get in a four-man cloverleaf tube and slide down from the platform 20 metres high. After completing an 80-metre-long translucent tube, riders plummet into a massive bowl measuring 21 meters in diameter. The centrifugal force propel the riders around the inside wall of the massive bowl and then throw them into the central drop chute, guiding them to the bottom. Behemoth Bowl gives you a brand-new sliding experience totally different from all other equipment. Other riders can witness the whole sliding process on the 8-metre-high platform next to the equipment. Compared to Tornado, which was most popular last year, Behemoth Bowl starts from a 20-meter-high platform, 5 meters higher than Tornado; Behemoth Bowl has a 80-meter accelerating flume, 30 meters than that of Tornado. As a result, you will surely get a different experience with Behemoth Bowl.
2: Super Tornado
It is the first Super Tornado slide in Asia to win the international “Golden Ticket Award—Best New Ride” of 2006. To begin this one-of-the-kind experience, riders get in a four-man cloverleaf tube and slide down from 20 metres high and accelerate into the immense funnel as if sucked in by a tornado. It’s most suitable for riders seeking fresh experience.
3: Brand-new Lazy River
The converted lazy river will be less “lazy”. With greater speed, larger water volume and nearly doubled speed along the rapid currents section, riders will have more fun and excitement by drifting in torrents. To offer riders more pleasure, six waterscapes have been added along the new lazy river. Among others, the Ice Age Tunnel displays cartoon features of animals and unique scenes of Ice Age thousands of years ago. You will feel like floating along a river of time and back to the remote Ice Age from the busy real life. Cool drops of water from the roof of the tunnel confuse you more, and you are not sure whether you’re back to the Ice Age, or still in the real life…
4: Brand-new Theme Kids Water Town
Theme Kids Water Town is comprised of Animal Theme Zone, Marine Area and Dream Garden, consisting of 42 sets of large and small water toys for kids and the whole family. All water toys are lovely figures made of safe and reliable materials. Water sprayed from these toys brings peals of laughter out of all kids. Close to the hill slope, there are 9 slides for kids, which children can enjoy on their own or accompanied by parents. The mini version of Hawaii Water Town—Water Maze is a combined kids slide decorated with various elves and marine life and consisting of different forms of translucent tunnel and water toys. With the brilliant colours and safe and smooth flume, kids can have great fun and parents can leave all worries behind.
5: Family Slide & Giant Slide
The Family Slide & Giant Slide in the Northewest corner of Chimelong Water Park is manufactured with the latest top design technology in the water amusement equipment industry. The whole equipment consists of two slides, of which the green and up-and-down one is the Family Slide. And the huge chute in bright blue at the outer side of the equipment is the Giant Slide. The unique feature of these two slides is that they can satisfy the needs of the whole family: the youth who enjoy thrill and novelty can go up the stairs leading to the Giant Slide, while less courageous ones in the family can go up to the entrance to the Family Slide. Riders for the Family Slide go up the stairs to the platform on top, group into 3 or 4 on a ready tube, and then set out on the up-and-down slide, screaming all along till they reach the pool on the bottom. Yet the journey for those who have taken the Giant Slide would be less relaxing.
6: Jet Slide
The Jet Slide has successively won the international “Golden Ticket Award—Best Waterpark Ride” of 2005 and 2006. In this slide, a two-man tube, mainly driven by hi-tech electromagnetic water jet, races forward for over 300 meters, going ups and downs all along. This unbelievable experience is practically designed for young tourists seeking challenges and thrill.
7: Centrifugal Slide
Riders take a specially-designed two-man tube and start from a 15-meter-high hill, whirling and accelerating down the 110-meter open slide. After a full taste of centrifugal force, riders are driven through a curve and dash onto the bottom pool. It’s particularly suitable for family and friends.
8: Head-first Racer
Head-first Racer is a project recommended by the International Tourism Industry Association. From the 8 independent and identical slides standing side by side, 8 riders respectively select one, enter from the 20-meter-high top and start the race. After completing a circle in the tube, riders dive and splash along the open straight flumes and accelerating into the pool. The young will really enjoy this arrow-like speed and the fun of competition.
9: Hawaii Water Town
Hawaii Water Town is also recommended by the International Tourism Industry Association. As the largest theme water area in the world, Hawaii Water Town offers various rides and water activities. Tourists of all ages can enjoy the intimacy and fun with cool water. And it is especially suitable for kids and the whole family.
10: Super Wave Pool
Covering a total area of over 10,000 m2, Super Wave Pool is the world’s largest wave pool. It offers 9 modes of wave making, and forms waves as high as 1.5 meter, giving you the feeling of surfing at sea. Between each wave making, tourists can swim and relax in the calm and peaceful pool. It’s particularly suitable for the whole family.
11: Vertical Limit
Three different slides offer a selection of different excitement. Riders can not only enjoy a speed over 50km/h, but also experience free fall along a 20-metre-high slide. It’s particularly suitable for the youth seeking thrills.
12: Pool Bar
Situating next to the Head-first Racer, the Pool Bar is a peaceful oasis amid the busy world. With the surrounding green trees, the interactive counter and various beverage and food, it’s an ideal place for relaxation when you’re tired from all the fun. And the Pool Pub of Fun in Starlight is most favoured by couples. In the beautiful starlight, enjoying a cool drink, romance spreads from your eyes and heart and goes all around. Every second here becomes the most beautiful memory.
13: Mini-Tornado
Considering that many kids are unable to play the most popular Tornado due to height limitation, Chimelong Water Park has specially hired PROSLIDE, the world-renowned manufacturer of water rides and also designer of Tornado, to design the Mini-Tornado, which is absolutely suitable for kids. It looks similar to Tornado, but is only 8 meters in height. The riding tube is specially designed for two people, so parents and kids can have fun together.
Ticket Price:
Day Time (09:00-18:00)
May June July-August Sep(Until Close)
Full price: 180 RMB 210 RMB 250 RMB 180 RMB
The aged and children: 90 RMB 105 RMB 125 RMB 90 RMB
Night Time (17:30-22:00)
May June July-August Sep(Until Close)
Full price: 100 RMB 130 RMB 170 RMB 110 RMB
The aged and children: 50 RMB 65 RMB 85 RMB 55 RMB

1. For the package ticket with Chimelong International Circus, please use them
within same day. Visitors need to put on a wrist band when you enter the first park;
after then, please use the wrist band and ticket together to enter Chimelong International Circus.
2. If the package ticket relate to Guangzhou Crocodile Park, Crocodile Park entrance ticket is valid
in a month, another entrance ticket is valid in the same day.
3. For the other package ticket, tourist can use the ticket within two days; every park can enter
once only. Moreover, for two days package, tourists need to save the fingerprint in first park,
and use it with the ticket to enter in second park.

How to go to the Chimelong Water Park ?
Chimelong Theme Park (Xianjiang Safari Park , Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park , Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Hotel ) : Take Metro Line 3, Get off at Hangxi-Chinglong Metro Station, Exit C, you will see the Chimelong Bus Station . The shuttle bus is free to take you any place in Chimelong . If you want to go to the Guangzhou Crocodile Park, you need to take the shuttle bus at Xijiang Safari Park Bus Station.
For more information see their website:

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