Guangzhou Crocodile Park

Guangzhou Crocodile Park is one component of the larger Chimelong Tourism Resort. With over 100 thousand crocodiles, the park is the largest crocodile-themed amusement park in the world. Guangzhou Crocodile Park consists of seven different areas and brings the guests an astonishing experience of standing among 100 thousand crocodiles.
Add: Dabian Village, Dashi Township, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 4008 830083

Thrilling Amusement Park
1: Want real thrill? Come to Crocodile Park!
Want real thrill? Come to Crocodile Park! Splashing pool, wildly-biting crocodiles, and screaming audience—here, you can see how the crocodile fighter challenges the king of terror!   In the world’s largest Crocodile Park which covers more than 2,000 m2, you can enjoy the epitome of the most exciting and dangerous crocodile show. Presented by 3 expert crocodile trainers from Thailand, the passionate performance consists of “In the Mouth of Crocodile”, “Kiss of Death”, “Dancing with Crocodile” and other thrilling and dangerous actions.
2: Sea Lion Arena
Here you will meet the family of sea lions from Argentina. They are masters of hot tango, Rock & Roll and passionate Samba, and also experts at volleyball, water ballet and free callisthenic. Moreover, they have learned the powerful Chinese Kung Fu—”One-finger Zen”.
3: Colourful World of Snakes
Gold, yellow, green…could you possibly associate all these warm bright colours to cold-blooded animals? Yet this is the creativity of the amazing nature! Golden Burmese python, green vine snake, gray king snake, black Burmese python…the world of snakes is also rich in colours. As a kind of reptile, snakes have degenerated limbs yet have developed more interesting ways of moving. In the Crocodile Park, the colourful snakes are also stunning. This Collection of Reptiles in Crocodile Park allows you a wonderful experience of the colourful world of snakes.
4: Jiang Taigong’s Fishing (with Crocodiles)
Beneath the calm and peaceful lake, there lurk over ten thousand crocodiles—once you lower the bait to the surface of the water, all those floating “withered wood” suddenly rise and jump out of the water…it is really a breath-taking scene.
5: Amazing Vegetables and Plants
Under the blue sky with white clouds, on a vast expanse of green field stretching far beyond, palms stand up against the sky and plantains sway in the breeze. A jumbo pumpkin weighing up to 200 jin forms a sharp contrast with mini melons of the size of a child’s fist; the three treasures of Lingnan Water Town—arrowhead, water chestnut and rush stand gracefully in the water; rice, sesame, cotton, tomato and pepper, now you can see how these plants look like without going out of the city.
6: Legend of Chameleon
Reptile hunters are good at lurking, and chameleon is the best of all! In the Collection of Reptiles, you can see for yourself the natural camouflage of these masters of disguise. Calotes versicolor, veiled chameleon, panther chameleon and other rare species will all appear on the scene. Among others, the panther chameleon collects on its skin red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and all other brilliant colours that you can think of. Standing in front of a male panther chameleon fully displaying its colours, you would feel like appreciating a gorgeous masterpiece of Impressionism. Additionally, there will be an exhibition of various rare lizards in the Science Museum of Reptiles. Enjoy yourself with the legend of chameleons.
7: Life of a Crocodile
Do you know that a crocodile’s gender depends on temperature? Crocodile eggs incubated at 28-30°C produce mostly females whereas eggs incubated at 32-34°C produce mostly males.The whole Crocodile Park is in effect a “Crocodile Town” built according to crocodiles’ different ages, body forms and uses. Among all the high-class flats, there are flats for the single, palace-like flats and flats which are warm in winter and cool in summer. The complete course of life of crocodiles—incubation, growing and breeding—will be fully presented. If you are lucky, you can even witness the hatching out of crocodile babies in the incubation room.
8: Crocodile Family
In the “Gallery of Crocodiles”, there live 32 crocodile citizens of different species, colours and shapes. Besides the noble Yangtze alligator and Tomistoma schlegeli, other crocodiles are named as “Scissors Mouth”, “Scorpion Tail” and “White Stripe in the Waves” etc. according to their unique features. Such variations have been developed in their process of incubation and growth under the influences of external factors (e.g.: environment, feeding) or internal factors (e.g.: gene, blood).
9: Cousins of Crocodiles
As a support to the crocodiles, we have invited their cousins, including chameleons, green iguana from South America, Varanus bengalensis, valuable small water turtle and Aldabra tortoise king weighing up to 300 jin.
10: Kingdom of Longevous Turtles and Leaping Frogs
Guangzhou Crocodile Park is inhabited by more than 30 types of turtles. In this mysterious world of turtles, you can experience the slow and low-carbon lifestyle of turtles! Here, we have “pillow turtles” resembling a pillow, alligator turtle combining the looks of crocodile and turtle, leopard turtle with leopard prints on its shell, and map turtle with map-like patterns on each scutum. Turtle symbolizes longevity. Living here in Crocodile Park is a Aldabra tortoise over 300 years old. What’s the secret behind its longevity? Come to the Collection of Reptiles in Crocodile Park, and you may find the answer.
11: Kingdom of Leaping Frogs
There are also all kinds of rare and bizarre frogs in the reptile house, including “old man tree frog” looking like a grinning old man, Rana rugulosa with tiger stripes, Ceratobatrachus with horns on the head, and tomato frog which looks like a tomato when it bulges…come explore this kingdom of leaping frogs, and experience this amazing world.
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:30—18:00 ; Saturday/Sunday: 9:30—18:00
Ticket Price:
Full price: RMB 90/person ;The aged and children: RMB 45 /person
How to go to the Guangzhou Crocodile Park ?
Chimelong Theme Park (Xianjiang Safari Park , Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park , Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Hotel ) : Take Metro Line 3, Get off at Hangxi-Chinglong Metro Station, Exit C, you will see the Chimelong Bus Station . The shuttle bus is free to take you any place in Chimelong . If you want to go to the Guangzhou Crocodile Park, you need to take the shuttle bus at Xiangjiang Safari Park Bus Station.Or take metro Line 2 , Get off at Huijiang Metro Station, Exit A, take a motorcycle, about 5 RMB for one way. (Guangzhou metro Map)

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  1. Hi. I want to know how to get in guangzhou crocodile park if I am staying in jinyi hotel dade road guangzhou. Thank you.

    • hi there
      Take metro at Haizhu Square Metro Station , Line 2 , get off at Huijiang Metro station ,about 23 minutes, Exit B, after 2 minutes walking , you uwill see the Guangzhou Crocodile Park Shuttle Bus station ,it is free to Guangzhou Crocodile Park ,the shuttle bus every 30 minutes have one bus to crocodile park . Enjoy it !

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