Beijing Lu Commercial Circle

Beijing Lu

Beijing Lu Commercial Circle is located on the ancient city axis, and brings 5 thousand-year precious sites, including Millennium Imperial Gardens, Millennium Shipways, Millennium Ancient Paths, Millennium Water Gates and Millennium Ancient Temples. Among them, Millennium Ancient Path is the most convincing witness of Millennium Business Centre of Guangzhou. It assembles much large-scale shopping malls such as Grand Buy , Mingsheng Plaza ,Xin Da Xin and domestic famous brand chain stores etc., Ass a good place for international business and tourism , it involves special business, relax, sightseeing and son on.
Beijing Road is Guangzhou’s neon-draped answer to Beijing’s Wangfujing Street or Shanghai’s Nanjing Street. Pedestrianized and open from around 10 AM until 10 PM, this is where youth to buy sensible, mid-range Hong Kong clothes and increasingly garish local brands. Noise and fun, here is lined with cheap food stalls, cafés, and ubiquitous fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald’s.
Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street is the busiest pedestrian street in Guangzhou, and its scope includes Zhongshan Si Lu, Zhongshan Wu Lu, Xi Hu Lu, Jiao Yu Lu, Yu Shan Market and commerce spots around. Small alleys on the left and right of the street are also worthy a go. These alleys are full of women clothing shops too. They are good options for inexpensive dresses .
In the northern part stands the Hong Kong Mall, where Hongkongese storekeepers bring about original HK and foreign-brand clothes, accessories and cosmetics.
Crossing at the north of Beijing Rd. stretches Zhongshan-Wu Rd.. It is a lively copy of Beijing Road except that it is not pedestrianized. The Xindaxin Department Store (at the crossroads corner) and Mayflower Plaza (closely west to Xindaxin) are two highlights. The Mayflower Plaza, a newly-built mall, is prosperous with vogue merchandise and features fashion brands and a rush underground precinct connecting to the subway station, Gongyuanqian.
Xihu street and Huifudong street are another two crossing shopping places to Beijing Road. There are Mingsheng Mall in Xihu and stores of youngsters’ items in Huifudong to extend your buying passion.
Eastwardly parallel to Beijing Road runs Wende street, which is packed with shops of (copies of) paintings, photos, frameworks and relevant things for home decoration.
Grandbuy (Guangzhou Merchandise) Department Store
Xindaxin Department Store
Beijing Lu Station: 3, 541, 183, B8, 219, 544,236, 190, 166, 221, 10, (Night) 39, (Night) 8, (Night) 1, (Night) 36
Metro (Line1 & 2): At Gongyuanqian Station