Huanshi Donglu Commercial Circle

Huanshi Donglu

Huanshi Donglu Commercial Circle is located along Huangshi Donglu.
The three closely-located arcades lie in the Huanshi-dong CBD, which is packed with top office buildings, hi-end hotels and communities where many foreigners and rich or powerful Chinese live.They boast premium luxury merchandise for dear price, mostly genuine foreign costumes, leather wares and cosmetics like Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Louis Vuitton and so on.
There are some stores for luxury goods such as Guangzhou Friendship Store, La Perle, Haoshijie Plaza, World Trade Mall, International Trade Building, Asia International Hotel and several Five-star Hotels. At present, It becomes a place for high-level consumers with the high-class shopping, exotic dining , Special bars and office headquarters.

Friendship Department Store
Nanfang International Shopping Mall
La Perle Plaza
Nearby Stores:
Dong Shan Plaza (Xindaxin)
Garden Hotel Shopping Arcade
Baiyun Hotel Station: 3, 541, 193, B8, 219, 544,236, 190, 1, 66, 221, 10, (Night) 39, (Night) 8, (Night) 1, (Night) 36
Metro (Line 5 ): at Taojing Station