Shangxiajiu Commercial Circle


Shangxiajiu Commercial Circle is located in the center of Liwan Distric, a PROSPEROUS TRADITIONAL COMERCIAL DISTRIC. Compared with other two, Beijing St. and Nonglinxia Rd., Shangxiajiu is mainly for medium-and-minus consumption groups, with relatively low pricing. About 250 shops, mainly of garments, shoes and food, and malls are lined in this downtown span of some 800 meters.
There are lots of time-honored shops such as Taotaoju Restaurant, Lianxianglou Restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant and Quxiang Cake Shop, Reflecting the strong Lingnan Culture.
You can find bunches of historically local famous names of commerce, such as Heling’s Shoes & Hats, Guangzhou Department Store for Women and Children, Xingping Tailoring and Hualin Jade and Jewellery Market here. And a sea of renowned restaurants and food stores will cater your gourmet appetite, including Guangzhou Restaurant, Taotao Ju, Lianxiang Lou, Qingping Restaurant, Wenchang-chicken, Huangshanghuang Sausage, Nanxin Dessert, Yins Canteen, Quxiang Cakes… Most of these shops and restaurants are in the Qilous, local traditional and elegant buildings, rendering taste of history and culture in your shopping.
Some modern malls are built to add to the commercial prosperity. Liwan Plaza, at the eastern end of Xiajiu St., is the must for your shopping enjoyment. Stores of fashion, shoes, underwear, jades, crystal, AV items, snacks and so forth are packaged in this 7-storey building. Other malls like Dongji (for youngsters), Minghui, Cyber and Qiancai scatter around west to Liwan Plaza.
It is a commercial and tourism traveling place that have the unique business and culture of the Lingnan feelings.
Guangzhou Department Store for Women and Children
Xingping Tailoring
Shangjiu Lu Staion: 2, 31, (Night) 31, (Night) 7, (Night) 16,186, 8, 4, 134, (Night) 26,556, 61, 128, 823, 38
Metro (Line 1): at Changshou Lu Station