Tianhe Commercial Circle

Tianhe Commerical Circle

Tianhe Commercial Circle is located on the new central axis of Guangzhou City; the center is the highest concentration of shopping mall in China.
Here Grandview and Tee Mall are the top largest shopping malls in the city and Grandview even the No.1 in South East Asia. They are only about 300 meters away from each other along Tianhe Rd. in the north and Tianhe Nan 1 St. in the south. A Galaxy of stylish apparels, shoes, jewelleries, watches, food, furniture, home items, mobile phones and so on attract tens of thousands people to walk in through the MTR station just underground and developed bus and road system around everyday.
You can spend a day there, fascinated and experiencing with the brands like Levi’s, Swatch, Shiseido, Swarovski, Le Saunda, Haagen Dazs, Starbuck and stores like Watson’s, Manning and Jusco in these sharply decorated malls.
Between Tee Mall and Grandview is Hongcheng Plaza, a similar modern mall with relatively lower pricing for your additional choice.
Out of the grand arcades you can walk at ease into the Tianhe Nan Yi Rd. in the south and further into the roadside Liuyun Circle. You will be greeted and obsessed by the little shops of original wears and home items, chocolates workshops, cafes and bars in the tree-shaded communities, full of life and taste. The bargainable price here is as attractive as the goods.
North to the Teem Plaza stands the seven-floor Guangzhou Book Center, the biggest place for wide range of books., including some bargain-priced art books in English.

 Tee Mall  Plaza
Grandview Mall
Hongcheng Plaza
Guangzhou Book Center
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