From Guangzhou to Xian High Speed Train

Taking a high speed train from Guangzhou to Xian is about 9 hours; tickets cost 813.5 yuan for a Second Class Seat and 1301.5 yuan for a First Class Seat.

Guangzhou South Railway Station to Xian North Railway Station Timeable
Train No Depart Time Arrive Time Duration
G832 07:11 16:11 09:h00m
G96 08:55 16:35 07h40m
G818 10:16 19:15 08h40m
G822 10:40 19:33 08h59m
G836 11:l30 20:29 08h59m
G840 12:30 21:39 09h09m
G826 13:29 22:24 08h55m
From Guangzhou to xian High Speed Train
From Guangzhou to xian High Speed Train
You can book train tickets online for trains within mainland (eg: train from Guangzhou east Railway Station to Luowu, Shenzhen or Guangzhou south Railway Station to Shenzhen North Station,Guangzhou to Beijing High Speed Train ), China by using search form above, or click China Highlights Train Booking If you want to book trains to Hong Kong (eg: train from Guangzhou East to Hung Hom, HK), you can only use this enquiry form to ask our trip advisors to book it for you.

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