Guangzhou high speed train

Guangzhou High Speed Train

Guangzhou High Speed trains left Wuhan and Guangzhou North at 9:00 am on December 26, 2009, and reached their destinations in three hours, compared with ten and a half hours for the previous service.
From December 28, 2009, until Guangzhou South Station was opened on 30 January 2010, 28 passenger train services run on the line daily each way. Of these 28 trains, two run between Wuhan and Changsha South, five run between Changsha South and Guangzhou North, and 21 run between Wuhan and Guangzhou North.
Guangzhou High Speed trains have a maximum in-service speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). Each train consists of two eight-car electric multiple units coupled together to make a 16-car train. The passenger capacity of the train is about 1114 (CRH3C×2) or 1220 (CRH2C×2).
The trains are based on technology developed by Siemens (CRH3) and Kawasaki (CRH2) modified to the standards of China Railway High-speed. The trains used on the line are manufactured in China.
Railway Fare
The first class fare (deluxe class) is about 80% higher than the second class fare. The ticket between Wuhan and Guangzhou South Railway station is 490RMB and 780RMB for second and first class.
How to by Guangzhou high speed train?
By Guangzhou Metro, Line 2, get off at Guangzhou South Railway Station.

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  1. where can I take this high speed train to Shantou, or do they have this service to Shantou.


    Sir / Madam
    I am Travel Guangzhou South Railway Station to Nanlang Railway Station by Train . how many train Stop at NANLANG STATION ??

    Guangzhou — Zhuhai Intercity High Speed all Train will stop at NANLANG Station ??

    please help me ! I am waiting for your kind reply .

    Thanks with Regards .

    • Hi there
      yes, you can take a train from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Nanlang Station at Zhongshan City
      南朗站(Nanlang Railway Station)位于中国广东省中山市南朗镇佳朗路通佳鞋厂旁
      Easy to buy the ticket, you just show the chinese name of the train station when you buy ticket at South Railway Station ,many trains reach there every day.

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