Guangzhou to Beijing High Speed Train

Guangzhou to beijing High Speed Train

Beijing is the capital of China, Distance between Guangzhou and Beijing is about 2,294 kilometers in railway length. Taking a High Speed Train (G-train) from Guangzhou South Railway to Beijing travel time  is about 8-9 hours, price is 862 Yuan, if you take a D-train which is an overnight train from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Beijing travel time is about 11 hours, price is 709 Yuan. ( What are the differences between D train and G train? )

All the D-trains are running at 10:06 pm and 10:26 pm, the train arrive at Beijing will be 07: 13 am and 07:23 am. You can choose second classes Seat and Soft Sleeper (price is 990 Yuan), sleep on the train wake up at Beijing in the morning.

Special Facilities
There are power supplies for seats of any class.
WiFi is available onboard. The WiFi signal named CHR2 is unencrypted and it will be connected soon.
A business class seat is comparable with a first class seat on a plane. These seats can be adjusted 90 degrees for reclining. They can also be rotated. Each business class seat is equipped with an independent electronic screen and reading light.
Coffee is provided onboard.

Guangzhou South Railway Station to Beijing West Railway Station Timeable
Train No Depart Time Arrive Time Duration
G72 08:24 18:21 09h57m
G66 10:00 18:00 08h00m
G68 11:15 21:04 09h49m
G70 12:50 22:21 09h31m
G80 12:10 21:47 09h37m
D924 20:06 07:13 +1 11h07m
D904 20:18 07:23 +1 11h05m

Ticket price: G-train is 862 Yuan D-train is 709 Yuan and 990 Yuan (Soft Sleeper)

You can book train tickets online for trains within mainland (eg: train from Guangzhou east Railway Station to Luowu, Shenzhen or Guangzhou south Railway Station to Shenzhen North Station,Guangzhou to Beijing High Speed Train ), China by using search form above, or click China Highlights Train Booking If you want to book trains to Hong Kong (eg: train from Guangzhou East to Hung Hom, HK), you can only use this enquiry form to ask our trip advisors to book it for you.

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