Zhuhai North Railway Station

zhuhai north railway station

Zhuhai North Railway Station , formerly Jinding Station during planning, is an elevated station of the Guangzhou–Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit (Guangzhu MRT). It is located within the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development District in Jinding Town, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China.
The station started operations on 7 January 2011. It is currently the only open station in Zhuhai, and is the current terminus of the Guangzhu MRT until the remaining stations in Zhuhai open in 2012.
On the way to Guangzhou South, the train passes through Nanlang, Zhongshan, Zhongshan North, Dongsheng, Xiaolan, Ronggui, Shunde and Beijiao. The whole journey takes 45 minutes. The operating time is 06:30 to 21:30 from Guangzhou South and 07:45 to 23:00 from Zhuhai North. The full price of the first-class ticket is CNY44. The second-class ticket costs CNY36.
How to get to the Zhuhai North railway station
Zhuhai North Station is not close to downtown area, but located at the joint area between Zhongshan and Zhuhai. The government has newly opened three city bus lines (3A, Special Bus Line A and B) from Jiuzhou Port to Zhuhai North. Now, there are totally four city bus routes between the city center and Zhuhai North Station.
Zhuhai North Station Special Bus Line A: Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai) – Zhuhai North
Distance: 9.3 kilometers (5.8 miles) with 11 bus stops
Operating hours: 06:30-19:50
Interval: every 25 minutes
Ticket price: CNY 1
Bus No. 3A: Jiuzhou Port – Zhuhai North Station
Distance: 32.3 kilometers (20 miles) with 39 bus stops
Operating hours: 06:15-22:10 from Jiuzhou Port; 06:10-22:00 from Zhuhai North
Interval: every 12 minutes
Ticket price: CNY 2 (CNY3 for air-conditioned bus)
Bus No. 65: Zhulinpu – Zhuhai North
Distance: 12.7 kilometers (7.9 miles) with 20 bus stops
Operating hours: 06:20-21:30 from Zhulinpu; 06:20-20:45 from Zhuhai North
Interval: every 11 minutes
Ticket price: CNY 1
Zhuhai North Station Special Bus Line B: Guantang – Zhuhai North (direct bus without any stops)
Operating hours: 07:00-21:05 from Guantang; 07:10-21:20 from Zhuhai North
Interval: every 12 minutes
Ticket price: CNY 1
Reach zhuhai north station from gongbei coach station
Take bus 2 from Gongbei to Jiuzhoucheng and then transfer to bus 3A to Zhuhai North station.
Here is information about Zhuhai North to Guangzhou South Train Schedule & Ticket Fares

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