Guangzhou Metro

The Guangzhou Metro or GZMTR is the metro system of the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province of China. The system is operated by the state-owned Guangzhou Metro Corporation and it was the fourth metro system to be introduced in Mainland China, after that of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. The city has 10 million inhabitants and is situated in the south of the country near Hong Kong. Construction of a subway network was approved in 1989 and was started in 1993.Construction began in 1993 and the first line opened in 1997. Currently, there are 5 lines in operation with 88 stations over 150 km of tracks. The Guangzhou Metro delivered 601 million rides in 2008 and set a record of 2.47 million rides on May 1, 2008. The metro system has 3 lines under construction with 4 more planned. Total operational capacity is scheduled to grow to 190.8 km by 2010 and exceed 600 km in the long term.
Guangzhou’s metro system boasts of convenience, fast and cheap. It is the most convenience way to get through the city’s heavey trafic. It is very easy to buy tickets of metro as well. (Tickets and fares) .

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