1 Day Guangzhou Shopping Tour by Metro

Guangzhou is not only famed as a business center or a tourism destination, but also a “Shopping Paradise”.

The most famous department stores are TeeMall,Grandview Mall,Pacific Computer City, China Plaza (Zhonghua Guangchang), Hualin Jade Market, Beijing Road (Beijing Lu) and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Calligraphy Painting Street–Wende lu , Some local products such as the Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea, cooking materials, Canton Embroidery, Canton Enamel and Canton Sculpture are recommended as souvenirs.

You may devour the extreme economical items, sweep scores of brand handbags, jewels, tops/frocks/caps/heels, or just cast a few glimpses of a line of shops which aren’t your type. What if you feel tired or starving after 3 hours shopping? Treat your stomach kindly at the restaurants sandwiched into the slice of stores. Dip into McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut or sidewalk stalls for Cantonese snacks.

The Metro will take you quickly to the shopping areas, you can buy Yang Cheng Tong at the metro station and it would be handy to have, so you don’t have to wait in the queue. Be aware that the Metro is busy during rush hours: mornings (8:00-9:30 AM) and late afternoons (5:30-6:30 PM). It is best to avoid the rush hours if you wish to arrive at your destination on time(Guangzhou Metro Map )

Beijing Road (Beijing Lu)
[nggallery id=1]Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street is the second pedestrian Street of this kind in Guangzhou. Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street is also an ideal place for customers and tourists to do shopping at weekend and holidays. Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street mainly includes a shopping section on the Beijing Road, which is home to over 10 large and medium sized shopping centers, such as Xindaxin Company, Guangzhou Department Store and Taibai Plaza, several bookstores and Xinhua Bookstore, which sell dictionaries, and education, ancient, music, fine arts and children’s books, Changjiang Musical Instruments Store, Sanduoxian Studio, JiyazhaiStudio, Yanfang Photo Studio, Xinyitai Sports Goods Store, etc.
How to take metro to Beijing Road
Take Metro Line 1 or 2, get off at Gongyuanqian Metro Station, Exit C, walk along the road for about 5 minutes.
Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
[nggallery id=17]Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (Shangxia Jiu Lu) is the most influential traditional commercial street in Guangzhou. If a friend comes to Guangzhou from afar, Cantonese will take him/her to walk around the Shangxia Jiu Lu. The street is notable for its unique Lingnan architectural style, Xiguan folk customs, commercial and cultural ambience. Featuring the characteristics of European and Chinese styles.
How to take metro to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
Take Metro Line 1, get off at Changshou Lu Metro Station, Exit D1, turn right and you will see the signal board about how go to the Holiday Inn Shifu Hotel. Walk along the street to the McDonald’s at the end of the street and turn left. This is Di Shi Fu Road that is next to the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.
[nggallery id=19]Tee Mall is a multifunctional, comprehensive shopping center where department stores, five-star cinemas, restaurants and galleries are all gathered together. Diversified commodities, including furniture and household appliances, delicacies and computer games and others are available. All prices here are set prices and you cannot bargain .In fact, Tee Mall has become an indispensable part of the Cantonese shoppers’ life.
How to take metro to TeeMall
Take Metro Line 3 and get off at Tiyu Xilu .
Grandview   Mall
[nggallery id=18]Grandview Mall (chinese :zhengjia square) is a new mall built near TEE Mall, located in the heart of Tianhe district. Re-freshing you with pleasant shopping journey in a stylistic environment, Grandview Mall could be your paradise of modern Asia! We’ve got super-sized cinema for 3D movies, indoor ice-skating rink, various recreational facilities and all these lovely background music. We guarantee you joy, relaxation and fun! Just come and experience the details of the world’s top-notch commercial civilization!
How to take metro to Grandview Mall
Take Metro Line 3, Get off at Shipaiqiao Metro Station , Exit A .
Pacific Computer City
[nggallery id=16]Guangzhou Pacific Computer City (Tai Ping Yang Computer City in Chinese), located in the Pearl River Delta of southern China, is an important distribution center for computer products. Together with Chinese and foreign brands of various computer products and accessories, more than 700 marketers of computers are gathered here. Known as “China’s largest PC market,” it provides the full range of computer products to attract visitors from throughout China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, as well as customers from other areas.
How to take metro to Pacific Computer City
Take Metro Line 3 and get off at Gangding Metro Station, Exit C.
China Plaza
[nggallery id=20]China Plaza is another multi-purpose shopping mall, business office, and accommodation. Sat on top of Lie Shi Ling Yuan station, and on the busy Zhong Shan San Lu, it is an imposing sight and the tallest building in the area.China Plaza is a good place to go for electrical equipment, as well as furniture and general food goods. Across the road from the plaza is a ‘cellphone’ street, with hundreds of small shops selling cell phones.
How to take metro to China Plaza
Take Metro Line 1, get off at Martyrs’ Park Metro Station, Exit A and walk about 3 minutes.

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